Neisha always ask me “ma, would you go to Africa to help those little kids since you love them so much”? I would always tell her NO. Because I am scared of bugs, and I keep imaging bugs all over my face. But when I read this blog  from this young gurl who is about 25  years old it changed my way of thinking. I fell in LOVE with this boy name Manuel. He is so adoreable and his story touched my heart. I get up everyday come to the computer and look at his photo. This picture is on my screen saver, he’s the first thing I see when I turn it on. I didnt know that I could fall in love with a kid just by looking into his eyes. Neisha asked me 2 days ago. ” Now ma, would you go to Africa”? I told her …….in a heartbeat. I have got to talk to him over the phone. I want to hear his voice. I sat up and read about 40 of her blog entries. Some made me cry, and others inspired me. I love children, well, I love people period. Everyday I think about Manuel and how much he loves God, and his new mom Abby. Now, people who know me, knows that I love Anita Baker, Maxwell, and Tyler Perry. Well, Im adding Manuel next to Tyler Perry. LOL Yea, he is up there with Tyler Perry!!! If, I can just talk to him over the phone, I’ll be so happy. Im going to see if God can make that happen for me. My friends tell me that God always give me what I want ( if its good for me). Well. I want to talk to Manuel!!!! lol

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