Communication and Dedication

Hey Everybody!!! 

 I know that I’m gonna be busy for the next week getting ready for my Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving dinners that I pass out, so this will be a long message. My mind is all over the place right now, which is not bad, it’s that I want to cover a lot. First of all I want to Thank God for the many women who read my blogs, I get so many encouraging messages in email, and I’m happy that someone is reading them and being encouraged. So Thank you!!!


So many people have come to me asking how did I get started with Cree’s Feeding the Homeless. For as long as I can remember I have always had this connection with the homeless. I’ve never been homeless myself, but I hate to see people hungary. So, this is not something that I just up and did. When I’m out and about, and someone ask for money if God lead me to give, I do.One year I said Lord, I want to feed the homeless. I want to cook the food out of my  own house and pass it out on the streets of downtown Detroit. I was nervous the first year, but we feed 12-15 people. Last year we feed 50 people, this year we are feeding 75. I tell people  you must have a plan. You have to set time apart to really get involved with making sure that everyone is getting their items in on time, and a lot of people like to be reminded, so you have to send out reminders. I’m very good at planning so that area was easy for me. I made out a menu and also everything that goes into the food has to do on the donation list. From the eggs, to the cheese in the macaroni. I’m also good at communicating the need to others, so that they can get the items to me in a timely fashion. You have to leave room for a few to say…. something came up and I won’t be able to donate. The money that was donated will go to those things. Thank God I never had that to happen, but what I did do this year was add dressing to the menu because of the money that was left over. This lady that works in the UPC office at my job asked “am I scared to pass out food”. No, I’m not scared at all. Those are the most grateful people you ever want to meet. They Thank you over and over and over again. They really appreciate it.


Someone asked me,  am I nervous to ask people to donate? The answer is No. Because its something that I believe in with all my heart, its my passion, it’s what I enjoy doing. I personally know a lot of people, really good people, and they know you, they trust you, and so they are very willing to help out. You have to see the vision……clearly. You have to choose people who  HAVE PROVEN to be trust worthy when it comes to cooking the food. I’ll make sure that they have everything they need, but they have to be people you truly trust . My daughter and nieces are the ones who help make the plates and put the napkins and silverware together. All you have to do is believe in what you are doing, make an effort to really put 100% in it. Send out reminders, and communicate to the people what you need, date lines, and their time to distribute if they can. It’s really fun, and the appreciation ……is priceless.


My goal next year 2011 is “taking it to the streets” to branch out in different cities for Thanksgiving. I have a friend who wants to do it in Texas. And he wants me to show him how its done. If I can get 2 people in different cities to do this for their own community we will really be making a difference!!! Im excited!!

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