A conversation with my Lord

Lord, Thank you for everything and everyone in my life. This year has truly had its share of “stuff”. LOL And I Thank you for everything. You know me, and you know how  to get my attention. Boy do you know. This year you stripped me down!!!! LOL Its funny now, but it wasnt funny then. I had to let some people go, and for some reason my mind is clear. I can see what I’m suppose to be doing. Distractions come and they can throw you totally off track. SMH. But, it’s all good. I’m on FIYAH now, and boy do I have some things lined up for 2011.

I do have some things about myself that I really need to work on. Patience.  I have this thing where I feel that if I say something, then people should agree with me. My sisters and friends tell me this all the time. Lord, I really need help with that. It has really gotten bad, real bad. I get so to where in my mind, I wont even want to deal with that person anymore if they don’t agree with me.  What kinda person is that? I have to learn to respect other people’s opinion. I don’t have to get upset and try to reason with them. Sometimes I’m NOT RIGHT!! So what if they don’t agree with me. Jesus I really need help in that area. And the part that trips me out is, I can be quiet and be submissive. But something in me fires up and just want to keep trying to get others to see it MY way. I really need your help in that area. First thing, you told me to keep my tweets to a minimum. When people start talking mean to others, that makes me mad Lord. I can’t stand for people to talk about others. Thats why I don’t like GOSSIP!!! Especially about  people I love and admire. But I can’t control them.

 Lord Thank you what my baby is doing in her life. I remember ( how can I forget) when my lights, gas,cable got cut off in dead of the winter. You told me to take Neisha over to my parents house and for me to come home, because you wanted to talk to me. I laid in that cold house, days and days, and days for you to speak to me. I was so cold and so lonely, and so confused, and I just didn’t understand things. I called people to help me and people I knew could help, they said they couldn’t. Well, I guess not, because you didn’t want me to get help yet, not until we had that talk. Everyday, I kept asking Lord, what is it that you want. What do you want to talk to me about? You finally spoke to me and said. All of this is about Mar’Neishia. I said MARNEISHA!!!!!! What about her? You spoke to me loud and clear and said ” the person that she is to be, you are in the way with your foolishness”. She was no more than 13 years old at the time. She’s now 24. You told me that I was “off the hook” in so many words. I knew exactly what you were talking about. AFter that I got myself together and time went on and things are good. Neisha always asks me to tell this story to her, she is so geeked that you “whooped ” me over her. lol We laugh about that all the time. She just finished her internship working for a Judge ( he picked her) and doing arraignments. She went to all the high-profile court cases including Kwame Kilpatrick. She met a lot of friends, and she knew and met every JUDGE on the ballot this year. She loves life and tells me every time she thinks of it, that she knows that you will assign her to do “something big” but she just don’t know what it is yet. Wow!!!


Lord Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. And 2011 is MY YEAR!!



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