It’s Been You ( all the time)


I had a dream
A love dream so tender
You were with me old friend
We gave in to sweet surrender
Now I’ve held it in through October,
No wonder…
I never been the same since then

I picked up my phone
A million times to call you
But I lost my nerve
Cause every time I saw you
Like a lovesick kid,
Child it was my paranoia
You’d laugh, but instead
You read these thoughts inside my head
And its you…
Its been you all the time
You’re changing my whole state of mind
It took just a minute
But now that I’m in it
Its you
Its been you all the time
Like somebody turned on a light ( shine)
You’re gonna watch me shine ( boy)
Its been you all the time

[ From: ]

Now when you smile
The world opens up for me
You’re just my style
And this time I do believe
We’re two of a kind
How could I be so blind
My heart, its sincere
I believe I’ve wanted you for years and years

(Repeat Chorus)

Now to think you’ve always been right here
And loneliness has been my greatest fear
Until I saw the answers in your eyes
Yes I did
And at last its clear
Now I see that
You’re the only one….for me….

(Repeat Chorus til fade)



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