Met a man today……

Its Monday and it feels so much like a Saturday, maybe because a lot of places were closed today. 
 If you know me personally, you would know that I can/will talk to  just about anyone who looks sane. When I  was  a teen, I read in the New International Version (©1984)
Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism…. I fell in love with that scripture because I knew that God didn’t have any favorite people in the world, and if I had done wrong, he still would love me. That reassured me that he loved me no matter what my current situation was in my mind, and at home.  It allowed me to open up more to people in terms of conversation. Because in school I laughed with the big dawgs, but I didn’t make noise or have an influence on others. It wasn’t until I started working when I knew  that “it was something about Lacrease”. Which brings me to this conversation.
This guy came through my line today he had so many bottles of dishwashing liquid at least 10-15, so many bottles of baby oil, many bottles of mouth wash and toothpaste. Whatever he bought he had at least 6 or more of it. As I’m ringing him up, I wanted to ask him questions about why he was buying so many of one item. So, yall know the Cree in me asked. I said sir…….. there is a root to everything……..what motivates you to buy many of the same things. I locked eyes with him, and he said, I grew up in a foster home, going house to house, he said I was troubled. I went 2 weeks without food one time, and we always ran out of stuff for the house. He said when I was a teen, I got in a lot of trouble, and I promised myself that when I  get myself together my kids would have the best. He kinda shocked me when he spoke, he was a middle aged Africa man. He said that he wanted to make sure he didn’t run out of anything ever. He didn’t want his kids to ever see that kinda life and to never run out of anything. His story was so touching. He was so nice to share his testimony with me. I never knew that was going to come out of him. He has grandchildren now and he don’t ever want them to want for anything because of what he went through as a child. Is that a wow or what?
Now that explains why I pay my bills off every month. I don’t like to pay on my bills . When I was growing up we had our lights, gas, water and phone cut off all the time, many of them at the same time. I hated that. I couldn’t have friends over much, couldn’t talk on the phone or anything. Can you imagine that as a teen… NO PHONE? LOL I made a promise to myself that I would pay my bills when I got grown and guess you know I’m the Queen of paying my bills. I want my bills to be $0.00 every month. Its like I’m obsessed with that. I don’t want my utilities to get turned off at all. I don’t want to see shut off notices. And that’s why I heard God so clearly when he had my lights, gas, phone, cable and car turned off in my home over 10 years ago when he wanted to talk to me.  I didn’t have the money to pay it. He wanted to speak to me and he did, he knows how to get my attention.
Now I know why my mother stayed with my daddy years beyond her loving him. She wanted to leave him, but she stayed married because she didn’t want her kids raised without their father as she did. Her dad was stabbed and killed by his gurlfriend when I was no older than 3. She was devastated and made sure that we would grow up and know our dad for ourselves. And we did.
I wonder what Neisha will do more of. when she is done with school and start her family. Whatever it is, its all good. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to meet this man today, and for realizing some own personal ways of why I do the things I do.
My question to you…… What do you do more of, that you missed out on when you were growing up? Something to think about huh?
Cree ~ Next NEW LEVEL~

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