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“Hard in the paint post” …Sistergurls, and brothers don’t ignore those WARNING SIGNS from God about the person you are CURRENTLY with. God will whisper to you, speak to you, and then send people to warn you. I listened…. my ex boyfriend KILLED her…..instead of ME. I survived because……. I heard God’s voice.
    • Lacrease Walker‎”going hard in the paint”

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      S Atiya Simmons-WilcoxIts sum crazy mofos out here! My motto has always been “at the first sign of crazy RUN! Thx for sharing!

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      Jones BlaQueThat’s deep.. I had to walk away from someone too and sometimes they really don’t wanna let you go.

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      Kema Poochie Nancewow r u serious

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    • Lacrease Walkeryesss true story…will comment more when I get off work.\nGod’s gurl Cree

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      Jessica ParkerSometimes walking away is hard but with GOD ON YOUR SIDE YOU CAN DO IT

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      Shanecia CroxtonWow Zee, that is deep! OMG.

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    • Lacrease Walker

      Yes, true story……his OWN sister called me in the middle of the night with her husband and said that she coudlnt sleep because God told her to tell me about his past. I listened in horror, she made me promise not to tell him… AND I DID…NT. He went to jail and didnt tell me the truth as to why, but his sister told me. He met some guy in jail and hooked up with his sister ( a school teacher) and broke up with me, he wanted both of us… I was done!!! ( he was mad too) cause he didnt know why, I moved from that apartment on Mapleview to my moms house. Cause he let coming over knocking on my window. Then one day months later, I was leaving the corner store, and I looked over at the newspaper and his photo was on the front page becuase he was on the run. I was sooooooooooooooo scared. I bought the paper and read it. They finally caught him. He killed this teacher he was going with, stuffed her body in the trunk of her own car, and set it on fire. Im so glad I listened to his sister.See More
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    • Lacrease Walkerhe went to jail the first time for stealing……….( didnt make that clear at the top)….. thats why his sister called to tell me. He lied and said it was something else. Then thats when the rest of the story picks up.

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      Lee MetcalfeWow Cree…was this recently??

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    • Lacrease Walkernobthis was years ago\nGod’s gurl Cree

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      Lee Metcalfeoh, ok.

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      Shanecia CroxtonOMG…This gives me chills. Thank God you listened Zee because it could’ve been you.

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      Kiki StubbsThank you Lacreasea. Wow! i remember you telling me that. We do have to listen to the quiet still voice of the Lord. I am so glad Cree that you are still here. God has someone for everyone and everyone is not for us.

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      Phyllis Ann EvansGod is good! His lov is so amazing! Its amazing how He protects us even when we dont realize. And for this children to know and recognize his voice. Make you wanna shout!

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      Tina Wellswow Cree…… I’m glad u listen to God we need to listen to him when he speaks!!!!!

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      S Atiya Simmons-WilcoxYou need to write a BOOK!!!!1

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