Cree’s Ramblings….Cree’s Blog :)

Its a been a minute since my last “real
writing”. Thanking God for another day to get it right.
Where do I start? Okay….. my moms BD
is tomorrow June 22, and we * my sisters and brother* are taking her out to
dinner. She normally likes to eat at her favorite spot * Texas Roadhouse” but
this time she wants to go to the G
olden Corral. I’m really
looking forward to it.
I was suppose to make my dad dinner for
Father’s Day, but he was mad at all of his kids, days leading up, and haven’t
been answering his phone. LOL My daddy LOVES the grand kids, but he gets mad at
us. May daddy is a trip, when asked if he still wanted the dinner, he
said….don’t make me no difference. I called him tonight, and he wanted to go
into this story of “his kids” not visiting him like we should, and that he
regret not visiting his mom when she use to ask and beg him to come over. I
asked him… “daddy do you think what you didn’t do for your mom is back around
for you”. He said he thinks so…..then I got to thinking dang…..what if
Neisha do me the same way when I’m old? LOL Something to think about huh? My
daddy is too much for me, he likes to say his little stuff and say stuff he
shouldn’t say, and then when it leaves a “bad taste” in everybody mouth, he
wonders why no one like to visit him. We take turns taking him to the grocery
store, and to his doctors appointment. I’m not a person who likes to visit, he
isn’t either, or my mom. I will call you, and make sure everything is good, but
to just sit up in your house, ….can’t do it. Now with my dad he doesn’t like
to go dinner, or come over unless its a holiday, he wants what he wants when he
want it. And I feel bad to say, but I think he is guilty of how he didn’t do for
his mom than anything. Everything he said she was, I think he feels he is. I
love my daddy, and he has gotten so much better since he and my mom separated.
But he has to cut out that “woe is me mentality.”  That……I won’t deal
Sistergurls, and Raisingurls. Last week me
and 9 of my Sistergurls went to the Golden Corral for dinner, talks and laughs.
It was very crowded. After about sitting for 2 hours and about 40 minutes the
General Manager came over and told us ( I was making a plate) that the time
limit to sit was 11/2 hours. “Um excuse me Sir”? Where is that sign, and when I
got back to the table, I told him that I wanted to talk with him. He knew I was
not happy, and I let him know it my “nicest and quiet, direct eye contact,with a
smile… VOICE that the ONLY reason why we are leaving is because we are done. I
let him know that when we spend our money, we can sit as long as we want. A few
of my Sistergurls didn’t take the situation well, but we left anyway, and went
walking at the Riverwalk. We had a good night talking over the Detroit River. In
my mind, we changed something negative into something positive.
This Sunday I’m picking up 2 of my
Raisingurls for dinner at Applebees. They are really looking forward to seeing
me and I feel the same. I love my gurls too. They have lots of work to do that
day besides eating. LOL Lots of paperwork and conversation.
Had lots to type, now Im sleepy, its
late….will post tomorrow. Night

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