A lesson in BUSINESS to be learned….Cree’s Blog

I’ll be 44 this year 9/3, and I truly Thank God
for allowing me to live this life.  I know when I am truly blessed and I LOVE
telling God just how much I appreciate it.
I must admit I haven’t always been straight up
with myself. I remember when I was about 14 years old reading the Bible. I use
to read the book of Proverbs EVERYDAY and after doing so, I would ask God ,
please Lord dose me with Wisdom. Give me wisdom when I get older, I said that I
wanted to know things, know the truth. Never really knowing that all I had to do
was ask. Here I am 44 years old, and I like to “play dumb” when I don’t even
have too. God has given me WISDOM, all that I can handle  in my life, and still
I play dumb to things, when I know the truth. Today, is the day I stop that.
That’s it, enough is enough.
One thing I notice about myself is I have this NO
NONSENSE cut throat approach, that causes me to cut back sometimes on HOW I tell
the truth. I can be very raw, NO CURSE WORDS, but to the point about it. And
this is why I tell PEOPLE all the time, STOP RUNNING UP BEHIND YOUR MANAGERS
trying to be “friends”.
Because when you really need to BE HEARD you need
for them to not be able to go into their minds and find a “soft spot” about YOU,
when you are talking business. They will sometimes take that and use it against
you. Let me explain.
Last week it was crowded at work, off the chain.
As I was ringing up this lady, one of her bottles of cleaning solutions fell out
of my hand and the top to it broke. She wasn’t upset at all, but I did want
someone to bring her another one.  Since the incident happen where someone in
another city got on the PA system of the stores and ordered all Blacks to leave
, they ordered that all stores take the phones off the registers, making
communication hard for cashiers and management, also the customers who are
paging for their parties. But mangers have walkies with head seats. As one of
the black managers was walking pass my register and my immediate one wasn’t
around, I asked him can he please PAGE someone ( from that department-paper good
and chemicals) to come and get her another one. He walks by real fast, like he’s
busy and don’t look at him, you know how they do when they DONT want you to  BUG
them. So, the faster he was walking, the more it made me want to get his
attention. He says…. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, when I asked him to page
someone to help this lady. OMG my face showed anger all through it. I was in
shock, so was the lady and the FOLKS STANDING IN MY LONG, LONG, LONG LINE. He
walks away never saying a word, never saying if he was going to do it, never
saying someone is on the way. Then about 3 minutes here comes the guy who works
that department. He gets the new bottle and that was fine. The lady asked me his
name and told me that she was going to call corporate on him.
When it was time for me to punch out for the day,
guess who I run into? Yep, the manager. I went up to him with my serious and
curious face, and said….. why did you tell me NO, NO, NO, NO, that you would
walkie someone to help this lady. He says, I was ONLY PLAYING WITH YOU. He said
I DID IT, DIDNT I? I looked at him, and said, Okay, you were playing with ME,
but this was in front of customers, and I wasn’t asking you to get me anything,
this was for HER!!!! He says I was busy, and you shouldn’t be asking me to do
anything, we have CMS’s for that? I said, so you mean to tell me that you are an
ASSISTANT MANAGER and if MY CUSTOMER need assistance I’m NOT suppose to approach
you? He cleared that up so fast. But you know what? He said it, and I know for a
FACT, they don’t like for a associate to go to them first, we are suppose to go
to our immediate manager. And I get that!!! I know this, but when you are NOT
asked to “go and get something”, you are only ASKED to WALKIE help to my
register, and you don’t want to do that…. YOU DONT NEED TO WORK THERE.
SO, after a while he was really believing with
all his heart that he was NOT wrong in saying to me in from of the customer  “NO
NO NO NO” as he was walking by. I stopped in the middle of my rant, and said …
Let me ask you this? Do you feel that you were wrong in saying “No, No, No, No”?
He said No, I said okay well, this conversation is over, Because if you feel
that you were NOT WRONG, then we will be here all day. Just then a associate
said  TO HIM…….OMGGG, IF YOU’RE having a debate with LaCrease, you gotta be
wrong, she doesn’t get into it with ANYONE. He looked at us both and walked
away. I punched out and left.
Now, this is how I am. I never really deal with
managers unless I have to……or they come to me. I’m a business person, and I
don’t like to confuse the two. This particular manager can look at me and tell
that I’m friendly YES, but when I’m around and he’s playing or joking with
others, I don’t give it too much conversation because for one they aren’t
talking to me, and for 2 I don’t like to mix business that way. Because they
always take it to far, and so does associates. So, then when I need to let them
know that I MEAN BUSINESS, they can’t go into their files in their minds and NOT
take me seriously. As a matter of fact, I never had to deal or work with him
because he does not work in my area, so I don’t know him as others do.



Anyway…..   that happened last Saturday July
9……. yesterday July 11, I was working by his station and he kept looking at
me. LOL He wanted me to make eye contact with HIM SO BAD!!!!!!!! LOL  I never
once looked up at him, or even his way.  He kept walking past MY
REGISTER looking at me, I could see him on the corner of my eyes,  I wouldn’t
give him a chance to smile in my face. I’ve got an ignore button
built INSIDE ME  that IS NO JOKE!!! I hate being this way, but I’m glad I can be
because I need to. To let him know that I mean business. Hell, I don’t need him
to give me a ride home, pay a bill, or buy me lunch, anything I ask of him, will
I guess after a while he did everything in his power to get my attention, or for
me to look up at him, or to speak to me ( guess he was afraid to speak
FIRST…especially with no direct eye contact LOL). Guess what he finally says?
LOL “There’s a penny by your feet”. It KILLED me to respond by picking it up,
but I’m not a ignorant person, I did hear him, he is my manager, BUT….. I
NEVER looked at him, I stepped back and picked up the penny. I guess he said to
himself, yeah she is conscience of my presence, she’s just not speaking or
talking to me. DAYUM RIGHT!! Imma teach him, that you don’t play like that in
front of a customer, when I come to you, its for the customers NOT FOR ME!!! I
should have told him when we had that debate…… you know what? Lets take this
same conversation to OUR STORE MANAGER…… and see what he says about it!!!!!!
HE’s lucky I was to HOTT, to think that far.
I say that to say….. STOP playing with your
managers, and trying to be their friends, and trying to be in their circle, and
to go out with them and be in their mix. Because when you mean business, they
will laugh in your face ( if they don’t respect your opinion.) Learn to separate
business from friends. Besides you should already have friends before you start
this job.

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