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Thank you Lord, I’m just really at a good place right now. I’m learning so many things about people, situations, Leadership. I’m at that place in my life, where I want to learn, learn, learn. But first God is showing me to shut my mouth, Fall Back, listen, pay attention, watch closely, and get something out of it. I cannot stop laughing at what I’m learning. I hate drama, and I hate gossip, I hate discord, so I ignore it, and that’s fine, but there comes a time when you have to see it in action and say…..wow, I just learned something from that.
A lot of people come to me and ask me how do I stay positive. Its hard. But when I look back on where I was, and how God knew that I was not being the person that he made me to be, after being so mean and so heartless, I had to change. The hardest part was to “fall back” on the friends I had that kept me ( not on purpose) from being all I was suppose to be. That was the hardest part, that’s like losing weight and giving up the foods that got you heavy in the first place. LOL And so, I had to do it, because I was beginning not to like myself, and I was beginning to see things pass me by that I knew was for me. I still have a ways to go, for instance losing weight. People ask me daily, all day how do you still have a smile on your face after dealing with these people? Its God, its not me. Not at all me!!! Some people have even said that they believe that I was this way all my LIFE. OMGEEE, hahah they just don’t know. I have to let them know without giving the enemy too much time of me talking about “what I use to do”, that this was a journey, this smile and happiness in my heart didn’t just fall out of the sky. I had to earn it. Leave some people alone, stop doing some of the things I use to do, such as partying 5-6 times a week, getting drunk…. you get the picture.
I want to share some of the things I do daily in order to keep peace in my heart. When I’m driving down the street and see boys playing basketball and they have to get over so that I can pass, I will stop my car, give eye contact to as many as I could while smiling, and say “Hey boo”s. This gets their attention… they all look at me as if it say…. do I know her? LOL They are checking out my smile, my car, my tone of voice, and they are waiting on what I have to say. That’s when I know I have the “floor” and will say. “Make sure you guys are watching out for one another, be CAREFUL babies, and take care of each other. They will say… Yes maam, okay, we will. Thank you. And this is what I do whenever I see a group of guys playing,especially the young ones. This is PEACE, this is showing them…yes, she is a stranger, an adult, and she is talking to us and she’s concerned. When I walk into my nail show, all eyes are on the person who walks in, that’s my time to “show out for God”. I smile and say…. Hello Everyone!!! My eyes dance around the room to each eye, and I make sure they get their Hi’s personally. That’s PEACE it comes from God.
When I’m out having dinner, and I’m waiting to meet my server. I make sure I greet her/him with a smile, eye contact and I ALWAYS READ her/his name tag ( to make the experience personal….not BUSINESS) when I connect with her/him, I use words like sweety, boo, mama…. those are words that loose up the atmosphere. They are on a “stage” and sometimes they are under a lot of pressure to please, and I understand that. So that’s my reason to make the connection to be personal more so than business. I ALWAYS GET THE BEST SERVICE, AND THOSE WHO ARE CONNECTED WITH ME( at dinner time) DOES TOO!! AMEN!! 🙂
And you know the funny thing?….. I meet a lot of people a day right? But God cracks me up with this….. I can be out in the grocery store and people say to me “Heeeey”…and I’ll be like….dang who is that? I still smile and then they say…. you don’t remember me do you? That’s God’s way of testing me to make sure that I stay MYSELF 100% ALL THE TIME, because you never know who is watching. Watching to see if this smile is the same. I already know Imma be one of those ladies when I get older that when I go grocery shopping, I’m going to be there for 4 hours talking to everybody I know. LOL NOOOOOOBODY likes going shopping with me,. LOL LOL
I love the Lord, and he makes me happy. I will say this everyday. He brings joy to my heart. He showed me how to ignore people who wants to take it there, and it helps me. Because my buttons are pushed daily and I am at this place in my life, where nothing matters. I want to see God for myself, I want to feel and kiss his face, I don’t care about money, fame, I just want to do what good I can do for people. My passion for the homeless has my mind going. I remember back in 2001 or 2003 I was in a on line Ministry group and I asked the Leader if we could camp out with the homeless in Chicago and Detroit. We never got to it, but I still have this in my heart to do. I’m not scared at all. I want to hear testimonies of how they got to that place. Sigh….. I can go on and on…. Well, I’m going to rest my brain and watch TV till I fall asleep. My vacation starts FRIDAY AT 5:31 LOL I’m spending the whole Sunday with my Raisingurls and gotta meet with my Sistergurls for Feeding the Homeless August 21!!!
Be Blesssed!!!

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