Cree’s Blog……nothing really :)

So, me and my Sistergurls went to The Motor City Casino for dinner
yesterday evening. There were 8 of us ( one guy)  we had a good time, talking
and laughing. There is something about women when they get together and talk
with no drama of…. she said this, and she said that. I cannot stand gossip and
it is one way to lose me as a friend. After we had dinner, we went to the slots
( I refuse to hand feed a machine that only EATS money), a few of my friends won
a coupla dollars, but the excitement happened at the bar with a live DJ. We had
drinks and met this older white man who was suga shob!!  LOL He was dancing and
singing, he was so smooth, I really like him. He had to be in his late 60’s
early 70’s. I think he was famous, he had body guards with him, you can tell he
had some money too, it was just something about him. Anyway, when I got home, I
was sleepy. Has to be at work this morning @ 9.

August 21, Sistergurls and Raisingurls are going to the streets of Detroit
to pass out sandwiches, water, pop, and chips to about 30 homeless people. WE
are excited. They will all meet at my house to make the sandwiches and bag them
up, and then we will take to the streets. A few of my Sistergurls have already
helped me to pass out several dinners, but for the others, it will be their
first time helping out and they are excited about it.

I bought some more things for my apartment for when I move to Atlanta!!!!
I’m so proud of myself, I have so many things that I had to buy one of those
huge totes to put the stuff in, I just put all the bags in there. If only I had
me a brand new truck. Yea, brand new. not used, not borrowed, not a car. I
want/need a  BRAND NEW TRUCK. One of my Sistergurls is going to Atlanta for
their family reunion in a few weeks, she’s gonna have a ball for real.

Getting sleepy, I have a very important topic to share on my next blog.
Here is a song that I love.

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