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 I spent time with my Raisingurls Sunday afternoon, they wanted to come over and do lessons versus going out to a movie. So, I picked them up , we did lessons talked about EVERYTHING. They are so funny. But we did come across an issue that is very serious, and that’s selfishness. I have 2 cousins in the group, one is selfish and the other is always offering to buy when the other doesn’t have money, but when the cousin who is selfish has money, she wont offer the other cousin anything. And that really hurt her feelings. I felt bad, because the cousin who is selfish said to her cousin” well, you offer to buy me something on your own, I didn’t ask you”. So, since her cousin offered, she feels that’s the difference. She wasnt getting the fact that her cousin don’t  want to see her  go without, all she kept saying was ” she don’t have to offer me anything”. Wow, after so many minutes of talking with her, I made her realize that her cousin loves her, and that she has her back at all times. If she doesn’t straighten up, she’s going to lose her cousin trust, and friendship as they get older. It shouldnt be that way at all. The hurt in the cousins eyes was evident.

After wards, we watched Big Momma’s House~ Like Father like Son. We all were sitting there nodding off, so about 7ish 8 I took them home, then today I get a text at work from them saying, they wanted to hang out with me today. LOL I love those gurls, they crack me up. We read a story in the Bible about the Tower of Babel and how God changed the language of the people. They were really amazed at how interesting the story was, and the reason for me doing the stories of the bible is to show them that there are so many interesting stories in the Bible. I remember reading the bible at a young age, and didnt like it because I felt the words were to big, and that the stories were boring. So, we had a good time.

Now, I have to come up with dates for my group CCSC2 “Cree’s Clothes Size Challenge 2”. I have 26 members, many live out of town…… I made the group private and was expecting only 10 people. The less my circle is, the better to spend more time with them. But it worked out so well, we have 2 guys in the group who are NO JOKE!! We really need that. So things are good. For the Detroit people we are going to a Salad Buffet, and I think Im going to plan it the same day as we Feed the Homeless 8/21/11, afterwards we can eat and be together. Then I have to plan our Family Gathering for Sep 17 on the Detroit Princess.  I love planning and taking photos. My friends tell me that I don’t do any work for the gatherings, all I do it take photos of them doing the work. LOL Once the food is carefully planned, cooked and ready to be packed and served, my job is done. LOL ( getting sleepy) Plus she’s a excellent packer. LOL

 Thank you Lord, I’m on my way to bed, can’t wait till my secret retreat with you in October. Well needed. Prepare me to be alone with you Lord. Just You and I!!


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