Inside the *crazy* mind of Ms. Walker (La’Crease) RANDOM INTRO

Before I get into “Inside the mind of Ms. Walker ( La’Crease), I want to tell  a little about myself.

I am a person who loves people, I have a 4-5 piece circle of close friends, and if anyone who knows me would describe me AS…  FUNNY/SILLY, HONEST, TRUTHFUL, LOYAL, AND SPEAKS HER MIND. I’m a cashier at walmart, im very independent, loves the lord and fear him. im the oldest of 4 children, they call me bossy, but they love me and treasure my advice. im a friend to the homeless, cant stand bullies, and will diss you in a new york minute, when i realize that you are dishonest with my friendship. when i walk into a room i…own it…..not nene leakes (LOL) with my smile, personality and the friendly tone of my voice.

i love the elderly, treasure our teens, and find it hard to understand the mentality of our women and men. opinions are nothing to me…..unless you are out and about doing something to change the situation. homeless people are my mission, if i catch someone talking down on them, laughing…..or even saying”they could get a job” its on! my favorite person in the bible ( of course other than jesus) is paul… if paul was here on earth…. WE WOULD BE BFF For LIFE..when i say i love this man… i love this man!!!

being friendly is a plus to my personality, because all my childhood friends remember me as being mean, praise god that is no longer my life. what makes me memorable? the fact that im not afraid to show my feelings. im very affectionate, and uses the words boo, baby, sweety, mommas gurl, suga, honey, and pretty face to pretty much everyone i come in contact with. i cant stand gossip, if you have a story to tell, tell me, but it must includes you. if its about someone else, tell it to your best friend….she’ll understand your motive… i wont.

i love to drive,  when i marry, i want my husband to buy me a fast car, and every now and then when i have a need for speed, i promise to be safe. i want and desire a husband to be himself at all times, trying to please cree off falseness will get us in trouble. i believe that the best friends in your life are the ones you already have. one thing i hate the most in life is….looking into the eyes of a woman and seeing fakeness.women should always have a spirit about them that is trust Worthy and honest.

i believe that if you’ve had a bad childhood, you will either grow up and do good, or do bad….i say to the good…..good for you…. to the bad….allow me to help you.

with all that said….lets begin a random series of Inside the mind of ms. walker (la’Crease)

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