Me time is Cree time!! Crees Blog

Good Sunday Morning 🙂 Thank you Lord for waking me up this morning. Feeling good. Talking to my best friend about many things, time for a change. Excited about my move soon.

Later on I’m going to see a movie…. I always make time for ME. So many people are breaking their backs to make sure others are good, and that’s fine too, but when you start to look old, and complaint all the time, you are doing too much. We are to enjoy life and not just to preach it but to live it. Sometimes we have to disconnect from people and things that has us thinking why sometimes. I have a hard time disconnecting sometimes but when I put my mind to something its a done deal. I LOVE THAT ABOUT MYSELF.

Cant wait to get a new address, new phone number, new drivers license, new friends, new life, new everything. Under this BEAUTIFUL SHAPE I have is FAT… LOL and that’s coming off too. Sometimes I can’t believe that I did this to my body. When I’m feeling good I eat, but when I’m stressed….. I don’t eat. My life has been good, everyone is alive and well, job is good 9 years actually making good money. Hopefully I can match or make better when I move to Georgia. But its time for a change, and when it happen…. I will only tell a selected few at that time.

My family and friends want to throw me a housewarming and a going away barbecue. But I’m so laid back, I don’t want one. I just want to kiss and hug everyone, tell them good bye… invite them to come visit me and be done. I hate all the attention, and questions. But my mom insist, so it shall be done. 🙂 I’m about to get dressed to get me some me time in…. and I’ll check back in later.

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