I guess today was a day of Blessings…. done another way by God. It was only when I sat down today at work at the Credit Card booth, I was able to be quiet and see the whole picture in a BLESSING light.

I walked into work this morning 9 am. Everyday, as I’m walking through the front end to get to the back to punch the clock. I’ll walk pass the front registers tap on the bag holder and speak to the cashier…….. even if they have a customer I’ll say…….. Good Morning… Ms. Shirley and to the customer, I’ll go to the next register and say Good Morning Ms. Chris.. and also to the customer with a smile…. I’ll go all around the front and for the back registers…. I’ll just call out their names * the cashiers* and say Good Morning. EVERYDAY. Now, I’m the kinda person who “stays in my own lane” if you don’t do that……… THAT’S FINE WITH CREE…. OKAY COOL.,…. but as for ME this is who I am……even before WALMART. I try to make every encounter PERSONAL. First of all, its a ATMOSPHERE SETTER…. 2nd.. it lets people know I come in PEACE…. 3rd… ITS FREE AND YOU DON’T PAY TAXES ON SAYING GOOD MORNING OR HELLO. 🙂

SO……………..*SIGH* as I’m making my rounds. I CAME to this one lady who is about my age………..white . I say Good Morning Ms. *her name*. She didn’t speak….. * she always half speak* but this time, I said…I said Hello Ms. *her name*, she says…….. I’m quiet today… and turned her head. I said you’re quiet today? I says to her, so you can’t speak… she says well… I’m being quiet today. I looked at her like a parent to a 6 year old, and I said to her….. in my DIRECT EYE CONTACT…  EYE SQUINTING…… LOWEST TO THE POINT ….VOICE …. you mean to tell me that you can’t say Good Morning because you’re being quiet? Then she says … Good Morning LaCrease………. there’s a lot on my mind. I said okay…. everybody IN HERE has A LOT ON THEIR MINDS. I guess the way I stepped to her, made her just say it. I was ticked off and I’ll tell you why.

About 6 months ago, this SAME lady came to our store, she was new. I welcomed her, and everything. She’s a very quiet woman, very STONED FACED, and VERY COLD looking. All day everyday she shows NO EMOTION…. she’s a woe is me person, and people are fed up with it. Except me…. I’m always trying to talk to her and be her friend seeing that she looks at me as a “popular person”. But she always wants to play the victim. I can’t feel her on that. I saw this in her, but by me being a Christian…. I can see and understand that she has DEEP ROOTED ISSUES. I love talking to people like her, because usually I can help them come to see WHATS REALLY BOTHERING THEM..But the next person…… they aint trying to hear or understand where she’s coming from. But I’m different. One day she was telling me some very DEEP DEEP DEEP things about her, that I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE AS LONG AS I LIVE SHARE WITH ANYONE. I felt then she knew that I would be a person she could trust. So, I know first hand how deep her issues go. I also knew that one day she would turn on me too, she doesn’t mean to be this way…. but at the same time she doesn’t know any other way. And even though in all the months she has worked there,  besides that talk….we have never said 4 words to each other in a WHOLE DAY.

So, going back to when I spoke to her as I always do everyday… after we had that small back and forth… I went to punch in. I admit walking to the time clock, it did kinda bother me. It bothered me because I was the person she talked deeply with one day, and here she is doing me like she did the others. So, after I punched in she came to me, and said can I talk to you? I said Yes. She says to me… YOU HURT MY FEELINGS….. I SAID NOOOOOO YOU HURT MY FEELINGS!!!!!! She said you said all of that to me in front of those people, I said you DIDN’T SPEAK TO ME IN FRONT OF THOSE SAME PEOPLE….*they didn’t even hear it… I asked them*. I said .. I speak to everyone when I come in everyday to work, she says I know LaCrease…. I’ve spoken back to you in the PAST as well. I said OKAY AND………TODAY IS A NEW DAY MS *HER NAME*.. Then she said…. there’s a lot on my mind…and I said….. and there’s a lot on EVERYBODY’S mind, but you still can speak to me and people around you. I said we’re in customer service, we HAVE TO BE FRIENDLY… She said I know I’m not friendly, and I’ve asked to be moved to another area, but in the meantime I’m working on being a people person.  I asked her… well is this the job for you?

The point I’m making in this BLOG is this. We all go through something, have things on our minds, have issues, have bills to pay, have things to do. WE ALL DO! But there is NO DEDUCTION FROM YOUR CHECK A WEEK OR BIWEEKLY when you SPEAK TO FOLKS. Stop with that WOE IS ME MENTALITY. I cry and have feelings for a lot of things and issues people go through… but that WOE IS ME……….. I WILLL NEVERRRRRRRR GIVE ATTENTION TO. NEVERRR EVER. People like her….., walk around stone faced, looking for someone to “baby their issues” those people walk into a room and bring SHADE with them. No light at all lives in them. Some enjoy this type of behavior. Because its always someone there to empathize / sympathize with them. I’m not her.

She came to me to tell me that “I hurt her feelings”, and when I mirrored it back to her, she was shocked. LOL She told me that I was one of the “popular gurls” and that she’s quiet. Okay andddddd what does that have to do with SPEAKING TO SOMEONE? But see I know she said that in a way as if to say….. you’re strong, and I’m not so strong… so if I say YOU HURT MY FEELINGS, then the story can stay on her and how hurt she was. WRONG PERSON to do that with, because even though she did hurt my feelings, I had to let her know she did, then I went on to express how I felt. This caused her to walk away NOT being the victim….. but the person who CAUSED THE HURT. She didn’t like that one bit.

WOW RIGHT? Well, these are the people I love to help to see this pattern of themselves. She never smiles, she never speaks, she gets so many customer complaints that if she gets in trouble one more time, she’s fired. Let me tell you how this saddens me. She will leave this job eventually……. go to another job and adopt this same behavior. She needs to learn and understand that she has to get help concerning the things that happened in her life. This is NOT HER FAULT… and certainly NOT EVERYONE WHO SHE COMES IN CONTACT WITH. She carries this hurt with her, you can see each one of them on her face. She gets by in life by creating an atmosphere and making herself the center of it. She does this by saying how she’s been hurt. But HER REAL issue is still unsolved. I feel so bad for her, because she feels that this is the life she’s dealt and instead of taking that to heart, she uses it to create situations that allows herself to be the victim…. instead of using it to empower herself.

Will I speak to her tomorrow? YES YES YES YES YES, Because I KNOW…. that I’m not her REAL issue…. she’s simply in her own way.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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