Peace is MY CHOICE OF PERFUME…. *Crees Blog*

Today was a good day at work. Yesterday my ZM *manager over MY manager* asked me would I like to work the Children’s Fathers Day Table where kids can sit down and make Fathers Day Cards for their dad. She knows how much I love working with them. So, I gladly accepted. I was so excited about doing this project because when I leave Walmart kids are the ones I want to work with. We had a ball today. We had some many children to make cards. We had markers, glitter, colored pencils, sticky stars, glue sticks, and other things to make cards with. They really enjoyed themselves. Parents were asking us, how do you all have the patience for this? When God gives you this gift to work with kids, it doesn’t bother you. Its so natural for me. Kids bring joy to my heart, they make me laugh, they are so funny. Look,…….. this little boy * black* he says to me…. you’re the boss? I said No, he said why you aint doing nothing? LOL LOL It was so funny. LOL LOL Those 4 1/2 hours went so fast. I can work with kids any day.

After the story I wrote a few days ago about speaking to my coworker . Yesterday when I walked into the building as I was about to make my *Hello* rounds. I went to her first and said Hello and she smiled and spoke…. I was happy that maybe she got what I was saying to her after we had a run in. Just so happen, we had to work near each other, and she OPENED UP. She was just chatting with me, I was really surprised and so happy that she *got it*. If we all got along just for the hours we’re at work, our days would be so much easier. I CANNOT deal with having a run in with a co worker who I see everyday 5 times a week. We work with the public, how is it that we can’t speak, communicate and compliment each other, we don’t work with each other directly…..we work with the customers? When I walk into the building…. I BRING PEACE… WHICH IS MY CHOICE OF PERFUME. And I wear it well…. PRAISE GOD.

I have 3 days off in a row and it starts NOW!!!! I will be spending time putting some touches on my LIFE!!! EXCITED!!!

Take delight in the Lord,

and he will give you your heart’s desires. – Psalm 37:4

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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