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Today, I want to talk about Family Business. 

I was watching the video tape of Janet and Paris. I read a few Tweets that Paris tweeted, and I wanted to somehow DELETE her account. She obviously doesn’t know how serious it is. 

I’m sitting here still tripping on the fact that this “lil gal” snatched away from Janet. Some people are saying that Janet smacked her, but I didn’t see it and if she did SO WHAT!!! I have a serious PROBLEM with this little gurl going on Twitter sharing their FAMILY BUSINESS with the MEDIA. This family has always been private, and its not fair that Paris…. *this generation of kids*, come along and make what’s PRIVATE…..PUBLIC. Which makes the family…brothers and sisters how to somehow clear this up… when in the past if something comes up, they can just keep it in the family and in the end it works itself out. 

This family is very FAMOUS, people LOVE to say….. “they have issues too”… YEAH OF COURSE THEY DO…….but at the same time they love to MAGNIFY it. They have to be very careful of what Paris and any other cousin, or young sibling put out there to the media. There are PEOPLE WAITING TO DISSECT what’s going on in this family, and Paris have no idea how serious this is. Its crazy for her or anybody * especially the younger generation* to come along and tear down the family name that has been in GOOD STANDING for many years. It tears me apart to see that Paris has easy access to the MEDIA that clearly has NO LOVE, to her or her family. All they want is the gossip, THE STORY….THE DRAMA. And what she clearly doesn’t realize is that no matter what she says AND LATER DELETES…….SOMEONE ALREADY has it saved in their files. I hope she learns a lesson real soon on FAMILY BUSINESS. 

I am very good when it comes to children. I raised a very, very successful 25 year old daughter as a single parent. I’ve worked with them many years tutoring, by having my own Youth group Raisingurls to Women, and working in a elementary school for 7 years. If I was a family member and was in position to speak with Paris, this is what I would say….. 

STANDING directly in front of her GIVING HER DIRECT EYE CONTACT: I would say…… 

Here’s the deal Paris… in this FAMILY *pointing to the ground*, we are very PRIVATE. We don’t get on FB, Twitter, BLOGS, and we don’t discuss or ANSWER QUESTIONS to the MEDIA at all about what goes on IN THIS FAMILY. I understand that people are going to ALWAYS ask you questions, AND THATS GOING TO HAPPEN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE…..but WE don’t do THAT HERE. We are a family that’s PRIVATE…. and we handle our family business amongst our selves. 

At this point, she’s going to NOT REALLY gasp how serious this is, because she really doesn’t know the effect her dad and family has had on many people all over the world. I would say to her……I know there are a lot of things you don’t understand……*and that’s fine* but you have to understand that the MEDIA has NO LOVE for anyone of us during this time of all our lives. I would tell her, you have to be careful of EVERYONE…. THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW ….and especially while you are growing older. I would tell her this FAMILY has a lot of EXPERIENCE on the MEDIA and how they report things, how they twist things, and how they SEE THINGS. AND LASTLY….. I would say to her, if you ever in your life as long as you LIVE snatch away from ME……its GON BE ON …..AND POPPIN. Do you understand ME? Then I would ask if she had any questions…. and whether she likes it or NOT… I WOULD MAKE SURE she gives me *we give each other* a HUG AND A KISS. 

I know people, and I study people…..guess it comes from my gift from God to UNDERSTAND OUR YOUTH probably more than MANY adults. I say this….. if they don’t stop this little gurl now, while she is at the age where she can learn and gasp just how serious THIS IS…..She can be the one who grows up write a “TELL ALL BOOK” and cause so much damage to this family name. She knows a lot and if she ever get a hold or even understand JUST HOW MUCH POWER SHE HAS…. she can either build it up, or tear it down. Somebody has to step in and talk to this gurl. She is only feeling normal in emotions…..but they need to show her how to control them and not to take to FB, Twitter or any Media outlet, because people are being PAID to get the goods on this family and others. 

I hope this was/is a lesson for us all. Especially ME. 

Be Blessed 


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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