My lovely weekend!!!

homeboy<~~~ How Im feeling today. LOL

Wow what a wonderful weekend I had.



Anytime I’m with my Sisters, my mom and my friends I’m always happy. Just being in the presence of these women makes me smile. I want to Thank my Sister Yolanda, Charlene, Gloria G, Gloria W, Tanisha, her daughter, and her friend, Lanice, Ms. Sweety, Darcella, Vikki, Shann, My mom, Tyra, Tammy and myself makes 16. We ALL met up at the movies at 2:30 to see Tyler Perry’s TEMPTATION confessions of a marriage counselor. My second FAVORITE MOVIE FROM HIM!!!And yes…. it was jammed packed!!! Then afterwards we went down the street to Apple bees had dinner over discussion. We had a good time. I love when women get together and have different ways of looking at the same movie… sometimes I’m like huh? How did you come to that? LOL There is one thing, that we couldn’t agree on. I wont say it yet, in case some of you haven’t seen it yet. But let me say this…. please go and see this with your husbands, and wives, this movie will have you thinking, and make you realize what you have. I’m such a message person, I can get a message out of a dog waiting on his master to cross the street. LOL This movie will make you look at life differently.

Today is one of those days where I’m feeling……”some kinda way”. Can’t explain how I’m feeling. So my friend started his new job today. I won’t be seeing him anymore. I think its best, why waste time with a man when you know what he wants, and you have no plans to give it to him? He called me several times… I didn’t answer the phone. I’m done with that chapter…

I GUESS YOU KNOW….. today I was taking a nap on the couch, when I heard this loud burst of wind and people talking like they were in the next room. I just laid under the cover *to lazy to turn on some heat*, but then the noise seemed closer. So, I came from under the cover and there my door was CRACKED WIDE ENOUGH for me to see a guy who works in the building sweeping. We know each other and so after I realize it was him. I SCREAMED “HOW DID MY DOOR GET OPEN”? CLOSE MY DOOR!!!! CLOSE MY DOOOOOOOR!!! Poor guy, he said okay…. I’ll close it, but I don’t know how it got open either.

Before I could snap completely out of my sleep, I realize that it was him *someone who likes me*, he was wondering too how did my door get open. Then I remembered that I was about to take my trash to the compactor but it was someone in the hall and my night dress was short, so I came back in and “thought” I closed the door good. Then at some point I decided to take a nap before I leave out at 4:30, realizing that I didn’t close it all the way. I guess this is the part that has me WEIRD all day.

After he closed the door… I went right into a dream, where I was coming out of the shower… naked… and there he was. He threw me to my floor and raped me. Aint that something, he was saying you’re going to learn to stop telling men who like you, that you are celibate. I was so shocked. I woke up after so long into the dream and felt weird all day. I did text him and tell him that I was sorry for screaming, he understood. But now when I see him working in the building…. I KNOW IM GOING TO FEEL WEIRDDDDDDDDDDDDD as I look and talk to him. So, I guess the lesson in that dream is to be careful what I share.

Well, on my way to take a bath, and yes the door is locked. LOL Going to read my bible and lay on the couch afterwards. I’m enjoying these days off.

Be Blessed!!!

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