Who really has the Power? Crees Blog Entry

I realized that I’m REAL QUICK to tell somebody….. if someone on your Facebook page is negative and post attention seeking stats….. to delete them or ignore their post.
But when it comes to RHOA Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore…. I can’t seem to follow my own advice….. to stop watching the show.
After this past Sunday’s episode…. my blood was boiling, and all I could do was walk around my apartment, to try and understand “what type of people are these women”? I can EASILY SIT HERE AND SAY… you know what.. that’s them! This is how they are, this has nothing to do with me, I’m going to HEAVEN.. what they do is on them. I could sit here and say….I don’t care what comes out of their mouth…. they’ll have to pay the consequences for being MEAN GURLS. And when things start to fall apart for them…. they did it to themselves.
But I don’t want to feel that way. I care too much. So, I asked myself why? 
For me…. when I see these BEAUTIFUL, SUCCESSFUL, BLACK WOMEN with their OWN TV show… IN MY MIND…. they’re suppose to represent just who they are. I HATE to see them gossiping, disrespecting each others marriages and relationships. A few of them are so insecure that they PRIDE themselves on learning and studying “damaging information” on their cast mates….anything to look better. Its so sickening and sad.
But here is my biggest issue. These women not only have the PODUIM AND STAGE to uplift themselves and others, but they have the POWER to show the world God. I know not everyone will get on TV and do that…. but here is what I DO KNOW. If they continue to get on TV to disrespect themselves and others instead of uplifting and motivating……… where they show out on STAGE ( TV, Media) WILL BE WHERE GOD SHOW THEM…………..WHO REALLY HAS THE POWER. That day is coming. I see it. One by one.
My prayer is that someone will pull them to the side and talk to them.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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