Home Dreaming 7/ Bedrooms/Blog

The bedroom is one of the most soothing places you could go in your home. It should set the atmosphere of the days ahead. This is the place where you first wake up and give Thanks to God for seeing another day.

Enormous master bedroom with extensive wood paneling with matching custom bed. Partition wall with fireplace creates separate sitting area

Luxury bedroom with fireplace, TV, balcony access with city views and large wood bedroom furniture.

Cheerful bedroom design in yellow, white and earth tones

Modern spacious master bedroom design with extensive city views, floor-to-ceiling windows, small sitting area and large screen television mounted above a small gas fireplace

Spacious master bedroom with multiple glass doors leading to balcony overlooking the water

Spacious brown and white bedroom


Large bright master bedroom that takes up the entire top floor of this luxury home

Dark and textured is what this bedroom is all about

Minimally furnished bedroom make the large modern bed stand out

Master bedroom in beige color scheme with elevated gas fireplace in the corner.

Adobe colors give a Southwest tint to this master bedroom featuring chestnut pillows and comforter on a pure white bed with matching large white headboard.


Home Dreaming 4/ Foyer/BLOG

When you walk into a HOME…..  the ATMOSPHERE should ALWAYS grab you at the front door. Allow God to quiet your Spirit so that you can discern what you’ve just entered.

Elegant double winding stairs into large round foyer

 Circular foyer with view of upper landing and arched stairs descending into the center of the foyer.  Foyer walls in grey brick with dark wood floor.

Luxury home with straight staircase landing at the front of a foyer.  Foyer contains armless sofa and leads into the two-story living room.

Grand circular foyer with arched carpeted stairs wrapping around both sides of the entrance.  Foyer is two stories in height and leads directly into a small dining room.

Contemporary home foyer with slightly arched stairs leading up from the front door.  Foyer area is two stories tall illuminated with a chandelier.

Entrance way with arched ceiling painted with a mural of the sky.

Entry hall with view of upper landing leading to straight staircase.  Foyer hall flows through the entire home to double glass doors leading out to the pool area in the backyard.

Simple yet elegant front entrance in white with wood flooring.  Small built-in sofa is to the right of the front door.  Stairwell is also to the right which is brightly illuminated with two stories of windows.

Large foyer doubling as an art gallery.

Open concept home with foyer spanning full depth the home.  Rear of foyer leads to large sliding door to the backyard.  Staircase off to the left and formal dining room is off to the right of the entrance.

Contemporary foyer with light wood floor and straight stairs leading to landing.

Expansive two-story foyer with arched wooden staircase

one-story foyer with marble floor and arched wooden stairs with carpet runner

2-story foyer with black floor, brown walls, wood spiral stairs and white front door

Marble-floor foyer in luxury home with arched stairs

Vaulted ceiling foyer with arched white staircase

Home Dreaming 3/Dinning Rooms/Blog

The dinning area should  create an atmosphere to “come together”. I love sitting at a table having dinner and desert with family and friends. My favorite is looking into their eyes as we eat and talk about the days of our lives.

Formal dining room with tray ceiling, chandelier and mid-sized dining table with comfortable seating for eight people

Designated dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out into the home's courtyard and pool

Large dining room space with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on manicured gardens

Large modern home in open design with dining room adjacent to winding stair case

Dining room on the formal side with white wall paneling half-way up the wall and top half painted beige.  Large wood table and chairs form the dining room furniture.

Retro dining room with semi-circle dining room table that seats five chairs.  Dining room chairs have wheals; the dining area is part of a large living space demarcated by 4 white pillars.

Dining and living room combination space.  Dining room is marked off in the room with tray ceiling demarcating the dining room.  Furniture is a simple wood design.  Wood flooring throughout the space.

Retro dining room design with mood lighting, a long brushed glass table with silver legs, white dining chairs on wood floor.

Circular dining room in alcove with round table that seats eight people.


Home Dreaming 2…BATHROOMS/BLOG

I’ve always enjoyed looking at beautiful homes. I feel that…..when a woman has a beautiful home, she must have a beautiful Spirit to compliment it. When a man comes home to his wife.. he should always walk into TOTAL PEACE. 

Large bathroom in beige and browns with corner tub and adjacent glass shower

Luxury bathroom with mood lighting and enclosed soaker tub room with window and massage table

Large luxury bathroom with glass tile shower, marble-enclosed tub and access to walk-in closet

Contemporary bathroom with sky mural ceiling, earth tone color scheme and separate shower room

Large bright custom bathroom design with tub in the center of the space and built-in vanities and cabinets on each side of the tub

Small, but well laid out modern bathroom with single basin, tub and shower. One end of tub includes built-in shelving with back-lighting providing tub area ambient lighting

Tub tucked in with bay windows opposite glass shower with dark wood vanity and counter in between

Bathroom in luxury home with bathtub nook and extensive custom dark wood cabinetry

Luxury bathroom with large tub in center in between two built-in dark wood vanities

Triangle shaped bathroom with extensive marble, glass-shower and separate tub