Home Dreaming 6/ Living Rooms/BLOG

A Living Room sets the atmosphere for family time and great conversations. It should be a place of peace and relaxation.

Two story living room featuring floor to ceiling views of the ocean features beige toned furniture set centered around large button tufted square ottoman with removable tray table on cushion surface.

Ultra modern two story open space features glass-railing balconies overlooking twin semi-circle sofas with circular beige ottoman at center.

This modern living room, naturally lit via floor to ceiling windows, features immense white leather ottoman over dark wood frame, with twin wood table surfaces on cushion.

Black wood frame with white tufted leather bench ottoman, seated next to large black wood coffee table, center this white and tan living room with matching couches and natural hardwood flooring.


Ultra modern high ceiling living space here includes minimalist light wood paneling around marble fireplace, with large black leather ottoman at center, featuring removable fabric cushion top and portable tray table in black.

Immense, two story living room in grey and white tones, featuring wrap around two-tone sectional sofas, encircling beige button tufted leather bench ottomans.

This luxurious room features an L-shaped living room sectional in beige, near large sliding patio opening. Rich stone textures and high vaulted ceiling with exposed beams complete the look.

Living room features leather camel back sectional with pillow cushions in open space shared with large white fireplace under vaulted ceiling.

Unique ultra-modern living room design features floor to ceiling glass external walls, metal frame chairs and spiral staircase and kithen area in distance, with grey L-shaped sectional sofa in foreground. Pillow-backed sofa centers around black oval coffee table over textured tile flooring.

Spacious living room featuring myriad textures and tones, including black leather sectional with chaise lounge on patterned brown rug over natural hardwood flooring. Huge two story windows light the modern look space.

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