my bestfried char

Meet my BFF Charlene! I met Char 25 or 26 years ago. We worked together at a Summer Job. When I met her we instantly clicked.

What I remember the most about her back in those days. She use to ask me Cree, do you feel like working today? I’d  say Nope! She said okay…. I’mma go around and pop all the light bulbs out with my hands, so that they could send us home for the day. OMG…. its so funny thinking about that. They couldn’t figure out why the bulbs kept blowing, and sent us home EVERY TIME. We laughed, and laughed and laughed. We still talk about that to this day! LOL  


We chat with each other everyday. We were talking about how we need to travel and get out more. We’re both homebodies, but at the same time love the finer things in life. We made a promise that we would start planning and getting out more to celebrate US in 2015.


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