Today was a great day!! Yesterday was different/BLOG


Hello Family

Today was a great day!!

Yesterday was different.

I went up to my job to pick up the check that wasn’t right…. THE FOLLOWING WEEK …… And almost had to put on my “clown suit”. My check still wasn’t there and will be cut on the regular day… which I know they knew. See, that’s the kinda stuff that makes me want to go back to the old LaCrease. When you work with people all they see is your good side, and they think since you’re a Christian, that your patience is longer. I’m still a person boo… and I will nut up every now and then. Please don’t push me.

So, when I got off work (current job), I called the front desk and told them to tell the manager that LaCrease was on her way up there ( former job). When I got there, the gurl at the desk told me that he came out of the meeting for a brief moment but she didn’t get a chance to tell him I called. I said.. guuuuuuuuuuuurl I called up here 1000 times, you see his face and not once think to tell him that I was coming ? She said well he was in a meeting earlier, and on his way back to another one. Im looking at her like OKAY….AND….. She said I wouldn’t bother him in a meeting anyway…. Lord.. why she say that? I said I know YOU wouldn’t  bother him in a meeting….cause you want your job.. I DON’T WORK HERE… Before I knew it I said.. I’ll walk in that meeting and set if off.  Everybody walking around there with THEIR checks and I not have mines.. I know you wouldn’t bother him in a meeting.. HEFFA YOU STRAIGHT. I heard God say.. Cree go sit down and wait on the man. LOL LOL Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn people are so BLESSED.. that I’m not the same person I use to be. Make me not even want to be nice.. Goodness why does it have to be like that? Just let me be nice!!!

Anyway…… I’m just going to let this story go.

Today was a GREAT DAY!!!

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