Wednesday Nights/BLOG


Today is one of those days where my mind is all over the place.

First thing I want to talk about is…. WEDNESDAY nights! Tyler Perry starts off at 9 pm with Love Thy Neighbor on OWN, and a new show that I knew was going to bet against Tyler’s called… Its a Mann’s World…. starting David and Tamela Mann stars of many of Tyler’s stage plays and a few movies, and that’s also at 9 pm on BET. One thing is for sure… NO ONE WILL TOUCH those TUESDAY NIGHTS …. Tyler Perry pretty much have that 9 pm spot.. SEWED UP. But Imma say this… if the Manns do well with that Wednesday Night slot… next season… they coming for that TUESDAY NIGHT 9 pm. At least they’ll be able to say “they tried that”… if  THATHN stay on top. BET can always put the Manns back on Wednesdays. I’ll tell you black folks love to compete against each other.

Okay.. I”m sleepy.. I’ll finish tomorrow. LOL

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