Can’t sleep and scared/BLOG


Just before Christmas I was given the keys to my new apartment. I had seven days to move out and I love the fact this apartment is still in the same building. I had to work that night so I didn’t go up to the apartment to make sure that everything was good before the leasing department was gone for the Christmas and New Year break. It was no big deal when I finally went up and realize that there were a few things that needed to be done. I decided to go ahead and move my things in anyway, plus I hadn’t signed the new lease yet. I was good.

After moving in *except the couch I slept on* and realizing that once you move into an apartment sometimes it’s hard to get maintenance to fix the things you need. I told them that I had asthma and that I needed the heating and cooling system sealed up from the wall before I slept there. They told me that they were waiting on a part, and for me to keep the keys to my old apartment to sleep in but at the same time to keep the keys to both apartments .

So I get that approval from the property management and all was well. There’s this guy in his early 50s who liked me. But I like his friend/his Boss. Who is also the head maintenance guy for as long as I’ve been here. And even though we don’t have each other phone numbers, we flirt every now and then with each other. We have fun talking and laughing. He would always tell his friend that I’m off-limits to him…. and everyone on his staff. Even though we laughed about that I didn’t take it serious because we never talked outside of the job.

Last week The friend knocked on my door one morning so hard and so loud it woke me up. My first response was who is it? Very loud and very angry. When he told me his name I asked him what did he want? He said oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you were in here. I was told that you had moved out this past weekend. So I’m thinking to myself if you thought I moved out why are you  knocking on my door for one, and for two who did you expect to answer if you thought I moved already? So I said…. “I already talked to the leasing department I’m not moving until some work is being completed in my apartment”. I can tell he wanted me to open up the door but I didn’t .He had never did that before and it raised my suspicions about him.

So the very next day I put out an old dresser, a table, and a table I use for my computer in the hallway to be taken out the next morning to the dumpster. While I slept someone was banging on my door. I jumped up off the couch walked up to the door asking who is it? Before I can put my hand on the doorknob he was coming into my apartment. I pushed the door back on him and closed it. I was horrified to think that I slept overnight with my door unlocked. After I got my thoughts together, I opened the door to see what he wanted. Again he said I thought you moved into your new apartment? I was still trying to figure out how could I be so careless and leave my door unlocked? I’m very careful. I locked everything, and I check it always. Even when I get in the car, I check the back seat and everything. I was out done by him walking into my house and it was early morning.

I remember him asking me was those my things out in the hallway and I said yes. I can tell he wanted to make small talk with me and to flirt as always. I brushed off the flirting, and he eventually left.

Later on that day I went downstairs to the convenient store. As I was about to get on the elevator to go back to my apartment, he caught the door at the last minute and got on with me. Once the elevator doors closed… all of a sudden he grabbed me… and pulled me near him and started feeling it all over my body mainly my behind. I was so shocked I pushed him off me and ask him why did he do that ? He said…… I’m so sorry every time I’m around you I can’t help myself you turn me on, you’re so sexy to me. I got off the elevator and walked quickly to my door…… and as I stuck the key in, he was standing in the elevator door saying look what you did to me? You made me hard. And I’m saying to myself you just grabbed  me in the elevator felt me all over my body and blame me for what you’re feeling? I close the door and went to my apartment. I couldn’t Believe what just happened. I was really really shocked and didn’t really eat much for the next few days.

On Sunday my brother came over to help me move my TV because Comcast was coming out between two and four. When he was done….I walked my brother to the lobby and thanked him for coming. Before heading back to my apartment I stopped and talked to security. He told me that the guy that I liked *Boss* no longer worked for the company. That was a shock to me too because he was the boss and knew everything in the building.

So I went back to my apartment and I sat down and started thinking. Now I know the reason why his friend was coming on to me like that. He was in charge now and he’s free * in his mind* to say and do what ever he wanted to do to me. As long as his friend was there which was his boss he kept to himself. Then I start thinking my door probably WAS locked  through the night, he PROBABLY OPENED MY DOOR THAT DAY. He is way out of character and his behavior is really bothering me.

So today Wednesday January 7…… I’m in my old apartment lying on the couch just thinking. I hear a loud “let me in” kinda knock on my door. I knew it was him.  My heart start beating fast because this man wants me . He can’t stop knocking on my door. He wants a reaction out of me. He wants to see my face and my face expression. He wants to tell me how he wish I was his wife and that I’m going to marry him.  By me not opening up the door he’s feeling some type of way. I started not to say anything but then if I didn’t say anything in his mind  he’d figure he’ll use his key to come in and once he sees me he’ll say I THOUGHT YOU MOVED OUT ALREADY!!!! I heard his keys jingling. If I didn’t say who is it fast enough he was going to come in my apartment on me. And I know it now.

This is really really really really bothering me. I’m not sleeping at all during the night . I told my daughter about it and she is very angry she told me if anything else happens I better report him. Then I start thinking am I overreacting? But I ‘m really going to pay attention if I have to report him I will I just don’t need any drama. Some days I feel like I am so close to the edge. I really don’t need this right now. I just want to be left alone. Now that I’m thinking back on a lot of stuff that I ignored he really really wants me. And the more I resist him the more aggressive he is the next time. It’s after 3 o’clock in the morning and I have to be up at eight going to try to sleep.


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