truth pill

I was talking to a close friend of mine who had told me that she wanted closure and truth from someone she thought she knew. She asked question after question and they never answered it, or even responded. She asked me what do I think about this.

I told her that people who does this childish thing, are people who know absolutely nothing about LOVE, and HOW IT WORKS. The POWER for them is having you wait on the answer with the intent of never giving it to you. These people are depressed, and very insecure. Most likely they’ll distance themselves from family to only make friends with folks who they feel have MORE POWER than themselves.  Those will be the folks who will tell them. they’re on the “right track”, because people WILL use you. Those kinda folks are sabotagers and have NO IDEA how to fix it in their minds. These people are selfish and very unappreciative.  To these NOTHING PEOPLE… its POWER to hold back information that can help the next person to move on. The more you ask them questions.. the longer they will ignore you. They are unhappy and will search high and low for happiness… and it will NEVER come because of how they treated family and people who GENUINE LOVE THEM. These people are MASTER MANIPULATORS… I told her to not worry, OH YESSS… ( in my spooky voice) sit back with your remote control in your hand, and your legs cross…and watch it * come back to them* go down!



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