My Thoughts On Gay Marriage/BLOG


The U.S. Supreme Court ruling today that gay couples have the constitutional right to marry almost immediately.

Growing up, I was the oldest and often times when my parents would leave the house to pay bills,  grocery shop, or run errands and I would be in charge. I followed the rules and enforced them among my siblings, because I’ve always been that child that didn’t want any trouble. I always felt that rules that were left to follow.. they were to be followed. NOW… did I go against some of the rules a time or two? Yes, I’m sure I did. But in my doing so…. I NEVER CALLED MY WRONG……RIGHT!

This is the ISSUE I have with GAY COUPLES ALLOWING TO MARRY. CALLING WRONG…..RIGHT, TOTALLY IGNORING WHAT GOD WROTE IN THE BIBLE, ((( oh wait..if you don’t believe in God’s word.. you won’t get this. ))) BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T SEE IT AS WRONG…. THEN YOU WONT ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS…. THAT’S ALL I’M SAYING. Doing wrong and asking for forgiveness IS TIED IN TOGETHER. People ask me… why do you care? God gave us free will, we can do what we want, and if we have to pay for it later so be it. OKAY I GET THAT.. AND LET ME REMIND YOU HOW MUCH I DO GET IT. FIRST OF ALL

  • I’m not going to INBOX you and remind you about this… ((NOT GOING TO HAPPEN))

  • I’m not going to see you on the street and bring up this post… ((NOT AT ALL PERIOD))!

  • Understand that this is just a conversation and YES… YOU ARE FREE TO THINK AND BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE… that’s you

  • I’m not going to come to your house and pound it in your head, knock on your door, call you, or even bring it up again. THATS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN

  • I’m going to run it by you, once, maybe twice.. but please believe that thatgurltheycallcree… have other things to do than to keep telling you NOT to call WRONG…. RIGHT! I just want people to see that if you “follow God”… then you know what he likes and what he doesn’t like. I’m just like a sister…. I just don’t want people to get in trouble by calling WRONG …RIGHT. That’s all. I’m not going to keep talking about it not going to call your house about it either.

  • Be Blessed!

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