Simply Lemonade? NOT!/BLOG!!!

Sitting here listening to some music.. chilling. Music always come in and soothes out the atmosphere. I’ve been writing, and I’m proud of myself. I must get this book completed, there is so much going on, so much to say, so much to share with people. I hope to change lives with my experiences and life lessons.

I can’t believe that my Birthday is in 2 days. I’ll be 48. Thank you Jesus!!! The same day my baby will be 29. I really have no plans, probably go to my family house and have ice cream and cake. Nothing big. I always said that when I turn 50 that I was going to throw myself a Birthday Party. The last time I had a party, I was a kid, and I was between 3-6. I remember that day so clear. So this will be so new to me. I HATE ATTENTION…. that’s why I never had parties through the years. I hope that I’ll be able to stand all the attention on me. Nesha will be there with me too, so that will help me. Every year on our BD, she says to me.. “Momma please don’t back out of giving yourself a 50th party”. LOL  It feels funny to even be writing about it now, I don’t even like talking about it. Its going to be nice seeing all my family and friends in one place.

I deleted a whole paragraph because I am no longer angry.. I took it down.

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