Hello Kim,

After watching RHOA last night and me needing a bottle of high blood pressure pills from watching Kenya . (( Ooo Jesus)) I finally came to the conclusion as to why you are on the show.

Everyone can see that you’re a praying woman. Not only one who reads her bible, but one who practice it. I watch you closely. Your facial expressions, the words you use, the calm tone of voice, the “gotta go” exits, and ahhh your beautiful Spirit. You are a woman who loves the Lord. A woman who practices self control. A woman who can walk in and set the atmosphere at any meet, and one who truly will NOT conform to the ways of this world. I LOVE YOU GURL!!!!

I myself have a very deep personal relationship with the Lord. He speaks to me so clearly. A few weeks ago as I was picking up my keys off the counter to leave my apartment. I heard him loud and clear when he said, “Cree take those quarters,” (( they were next to my keys)) because you’re going to need them. I answered him right away saying.. Oh no, I’m okay, I have my debit card. Just then I realized that it was him, and I picked them up. I took my mom to her doctors appointment, came out.. AND MY TIRE WAS ON A FLAT! The gas station was right across the street. That’s the kind of relationship I have. So, I shared all of that to say…….

After seeing last nights episode.  And allowing Kenya to give me the headache of my life. I asked God why is Kim Fields on this show Lord? I know you. I know you have a reason as to why she’s here. I know your Character. I know you Lord. This gurl does not even fit in with these women style of life. I told him ” I know you’re up to something?” I know you Lord!

Its to get you out of your comfort zone, and to be the ONE WHO HELP KENYA!

God sent you to help Kenya. You may not know it, or maybe this is conformation. The way you handled yourself when she pulled your seat back, ONLY GOD COULD ALLOW YOU TO GO THROUGH THAT ON TV WHILE THE WHOLE WORLD WATCH AND YOU NOT CHOCK HER OUT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!!!! Only God! You showed the WORLD.. how to reframe from ANGER! You showed us, not only do you read your bible, but you practice it. Then you went home to a loving HUSBAND who not only allowed you to VENT.. using all  the colorful words you wanted…. THEN HE bought YOU WAY BACK DOWN .. UM UM UM UM FATHER GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUSSSSSSSSSS YESSS!!!! That’s what Im talking about!

Kenya needs you. She’s been hurt. Deeply hurt by her mom. Hurt people hurt people. God is allowing you to see how truly strong you are. Be there for her when she comes.
Open your arms out to her. Be the loving person you are to your children … to her. She needs your strength. She’s not mad or angry with you, its her situation. Of course I know you know that. Deep down she admires you. Loving mom, loving wife, family, loves the Lord, faithful. Show her love when she comes. Cry with her, love her, take her under your wings. And one thing is for sure, she will NEVER EVER EVER EVER had to worry about you repeating anything that she’s shared with you. If you decide to come back for a Season 2, know that you are on assignment…. because I know in order for you to agree, you’ve already checked in with DADDY!



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