Wise Words From This Man Of God/BLOG


“Fellas, Stop putting your faith and trust..in women that doesn’t know God (I grew up Christian so Dont want to go back and forth about religion..my preference) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes the beholder needs some “Reality Glasses” on. Shes “Fine”, got a banging body ETC. will have you confused, twisted and lost. Whats her HEART Like?? Seriously Many can’t see it now, but don’t wait to late to find out that its rotten, shallow, bitter and empty. Notice the signs Bro’s..Notice the signs. Let God LEAD you down the right lane to a woman that Loves God, genuinely cares for you, and has YOUR BACK NO MATTER WHAT!! Your eyes lie..your heart doesn’t. Trust him as the source.. 😎


I AM La’Crease… and I don’t have to do anything else


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