She didn’t win the Title… but she surely got the ANOINTING/BLOG

American Idol's La'Porsha Renae Does Not 'Agree With the LGBT Lifestyle'

Hey Fam!

I was sitting here thinking about how God works. Just pay attention, get to learn his ways, his personality, his LOVE for us. I was kinda bum a little when LaPorsha didn’t take the title for American Idol. I didn’t stay in that place for too long because for one, I know how God works. When you can clearly see that this gurl put on flawless shows week after week, without having ANY bad performances from the judges, and still not win, you at some point have to look at God and say…. I know you’re up to something!

I follow her on Periscope and after a few days of the FINALE she posted a 30 minute video answering questions from her fans. She said of course she wanted the title, but all she really wanted from THAT TITLE was to make a better life for her daughter, and that even as a Winner-Up she got everything Trent received. A brand new car, money, and a RECORD DEAL ( Shes signed to MOTOWN RECORDS). She also said … God wanted it this way. I’m so proud of her humbleness, she didn’t win the Title… but she surely got the ANOINTING 🙂

Be Blessed 🙂



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