Gloria and her friends FED THE HOMELESS/BLOG


Yesterday April 30, 2016 my friend Gloria and her friends went out to the streets of Downtown Detroit to pass out sandwiches, fruits, snacks and toiletries. They made over 500 sandwiches!

In 2008, I had a vision to Feed The Homeless for Thanksgiving, which extended to Valentines Day and Summer. This time Gloria branched out and did all the foot work, and also bought in some new people to help her out and also who LOVE doing it.

My vision has ALWAYS been for others to “get it”. I wanted people to catch “the fever” of what we were doing in other people’s lives. A few years ago, I reached out to several people that I knew would LOVE to help and they showed up. It was the first time that I asked others outside of Gloria to help with the project. They had a good time. But out of those no one branched out to do their own projects to Feed The Homeless.

Gloria did! She gathered some faithful friends, collected donations, went shopping and purchased all the things needed to make Feeding The Homeless a success. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF IT.. and I’m so proud of her. She learned a lot about herself. She learned that she has the influence of others to pull this thing together. She learned that it’s a lot of planning and footwork than to just come together and pack bags. I’m glad that she got that experience, and its going to be a joy to see her do more and more Feeding The Homeless Projects. AMEN!



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