“Don’t Settle”/BLOG

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Here are the notes I wrote down for a Message called “Don’t Settle”.
  • God uses people that MOVE
  • Everybody Jesus called was busy
  • Romans 8:28 & Hebrew 11:1
  • Hope is an expected end
  • Abraham loved God, but he wanted to settle, saying maybe I misunderstood (HIM) God, maybe he meant this or that, maybe he didn’t say I will have a son. So he settled.
  • Covenant before circumcision, ( if its not helping me get there cut if off)
  • You don’t get saved so you can get right, if you were right, then you don’t need to be saved.
  • Change your name when you change your game
  • You can’t be who you were and be who you are at the same time
  • A house divided cannot stand ( will fall)
  • Get ya fight back Cree
  • I can’t make you believe it, but I can expose you to it
  • You go to Church to be FEED not to be Acknowledge
  • Every conqueror has complications
  • As long as you see Church Leaders as “Hero’s you will only see yourself as “Human”
  • Isaiah will come out of me


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