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I have a very close friend who happens to be my BOSS. I love this gurl as if she was my own sister. I’m 15 years older than her, I need to add. She’s a Virgo like me, she’s funny,  she means business, and she plays NO GAMES. I’m a Virgo too and what makes us good friends, is that we are alike in so many ways, its not even funny.


At work everyone knows how close we are. Everyone knows that we’ve been knowing each other since 2003 for a very long time. But for the last 5 years we’ve gotten very close.

I love and RESPECT her to the utmost. She’s my BOSS. Anything she tells me to do, I do it. I don’t give her lip, I don’t go back and forth, I do it. Our Communication is excellent and she doesn’t have to get on me about my work, or even threaten to write me up. I always want others to see that yes, she’s my BOSS and yes, I respect her, and our friendship. I would NEVER disrespect our work relationship with our friendship.


My friend doesn’t not know how to punch out AT work and turn the BOSS button OFF.

She’s a single Mother of 4, and even though she punches out from WORKING she has to stay in BOSS mode for her kids when she gets home. Okay, cool…..  I get that.

But when it comes to MEEEE… I don’t play that BOSS mode after we punch out. I’m La’Crease, my own woman. I do what I want to do, I change my mind when I want to and I DO THINGS MY WAY. She can NOT seem to turn off her BOSS button WITH ME and its effecting our friendship. After work sometimes we shop, I may take my time, and some days I may shop fast because I’m ready to go home.  I NEVER, EVER, shop with other women because in the past, I find that women shop differently. When I’m ready to go… I’m ready to GO! But my BOSS on the other hand, she shops fast sometimes, and no matter what, by me knowing I have my own car outside, I can chose to stay with her, or leave. There have been times in the past, where she goes into BOSS mode and want me to hurry up, or stop talking to others that I see (( I know a lot of people)) so that we can leave. Okay, fine she has a right to be ready to leave. BUT UNDERSTAND I DROVE MY OWN CAR, AND SHE CAN LEAVE WHENEVER SHE WANTS.. IM NOT MAD, IM HAPPY!  This gurl, gets mad and declare she is gone and that she’s tired of me talking to everybody. Which pisses me off, its not that you did it, its how you do it. This is why I ALWAYS drive MY OWN CAR. I never ride with anyone. That also have created tension. When you ride with people (( talking about someone else now)) especially women with strong personalities, they ALWAYS want you to ride with them. That’s how they control where we go, how long we stay, what time we go home. I DON’T PLAY THAT.. I drive MY OWN CAR. So when I’m ready to go, I’M GONE! I don’t want to hear no guilt tripping, or asking me why I’m leaving so early,  why Im not ready to go yet or why this or that.

We had a long talk about this yesterday with 2 other people. I kinda think she felt some kinda way after I told her she doesn’t know how to turn off the BOSS/MANAGER button OFF THE CLOCK. I told her that I’m a BOSS myself and I do what I want to do. I told her after work, I am a different person that I am at work. I’m submissive and very tuned into my work and I’m very respectful of Authority on the CLOCK.. BUT WHEN IM OFF THE CLOCK THAT’S MY TIME. I PLANT MANAGE AND SUPERVISE WHAT I DO.

Meaning when we’re out, and I want to leave early, that’s my business. I drove MY OWN CAR (( NEVER EVER ASKING ANYONE TO PICK ME UP)), then I’ll go home. I’m NOT at work and under a schedule of leaving at a certain TIME. Which is something she is use too. If  I change my mind about something, I CAN DO THAT BECAUSE I’M GROWN AND ON MY TIME! She’s having a huge problem with that. She can’t separate the two. She’s always on BOSS mode, and I’m not mad at her, but she seems to have a hard time accepting and dealing with my personality off clock, which is very different when I’m on the clock.

She also takes my ” Off the clock personality” PERSONAL. I told her stop doing that. This is MEEEEEEEEE off the clock. It has nothing to do with you. I don’t do what you say. I don’t always agree with what you agree with. I am La’Crease, and I live alone, pay my own bills, have my own EVERYTHING, I come to work and do I do everything you ask of me…. BUT AFTER WORK AND ON MY TIME……. I DO MY OWN THANG WHENEVER I WANT TOO. I’M THE BOSS OF ME. Of course I said it in a nice way, but still she’s not use to THESE words, she’s used to me saying… Okay I’ll get it done.

I love my friend, but she gotta get it through her mind…. on the clock, she’s my BOSS, off the CLOCK.. I’m THE BOSS!

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