Tyler. Oprah. Lee.. BE DONE WITH MO & DAD *lol*!

I’m jumping right into this, because my fingers* typing*  will NEVER catch up with my thoughts, so here it goes.

I’m so SICK and tired of seeing Monique and her non working husband talk about this Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah Winfrey story.

I’m from Detroit, ** 4 minute poetry SNAP**

where I’m from we talk about it, debate about it, and we are DONE! Having these year long conversations about the SAME THING will get you BLOCKED AND DELETED! PERIOD!

  •  Done talking to you,
  • done thinking about you,
  • done wondering about you,
  • done seeing anything YOU,
  • done knowing you,
  • done hearing you,
  • you’re not even BORN to me.
  • DONE.
  • BLOCK.
  • … See ya on JUDGEMENT DAY!

We just don’t do that. So to keep hearing the same story over and over everywhere I read, does something to my SOUL. Who watches the same movie everyday for a YEAR PLUS? Nobody

First of all, and let me make this CLEAR. Monique know dayum well, OPRAH will never ever ever ever ever ever EVA EVA EVA EVA in her life reach out to her, or comment publicly about anything concerning this tired, year long story. PERIOD! I hope Oprah she’s sitting somewhere with her legs crossed eating cashews. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I wouldn’t have a word to say to calm HER PERSONAL STORM. NEVA NO DAY * Lisa Pippen words*!

I’ll let Monique dance on the floor * talk about this story* to all her favorite songs * any and everyone who would listen* ALL DAY EVERYDAY! Oprah will NEVA have nothing for you Monique so you can stop trying to get a rise out of her. You’ll have a better chance of giving birth to a bed bug, than to receive a response. ** Stop it Cree** LOL

See, I’m a woman. I’m not going back and forth with NOBODY. I’m going to say what I gotta say, you say what you gotta say, we come to a conclusion on what we agree on and ITS OVA! DONE! No more TALKING ABOUT IT! PERIOD! Oprah knows this. I just love her quietness on this subject. See, Oprah knows that if she talks about this, a person like Monique will NEVER let it die down. In her mind she told Monique….. “kick rocks in your FAVORITE pair of shoes.” LOL

Lee Daniels. Lee only addressed the issue because Damon Dash confronted him. *laughs* He KNEW his character was in question, so he went on Raq Rants and tried to clear it up.  Then he pissed me off with the LIES and the MATTER OF FACT attitude. Saying… it was an investment. Negro PLEASE, who  gives a person 2 million dollars and doesn’t want it back when the person gets on their feet? Are you stupid? Is something wrong with him? Then turns the knife by saying… he needs it. Been done with him. UGH! Other than that, he wasn’t going to ever mention Monique’s name again. AND SHE KNOWS IT!!! Sooner or later Monique and Sidney will be talking about that interview.

Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry is a Christian. If I don’t know anything else about him, I know this. He wants PEACE. He wants to do any and everything in his power to make it right with them, so that they all can move on. He wanted to end the phone conversation with that only goal. I wouldn’t doubt if Tyler Perry writes a script for her in the future. That’s just how he is.

Monique and Sidney over talked Tyler so bad, pissed me OFF! I would have hung up on them nothings and turned my ringer OFF. I wish the hell I would at 50 years old attempt to hold an adult conversation with 2 clowns who over talks me. Neva No Day! I don’t do business like that. THEN.. it comes out that they were secretly taping him. Oh hell naw!!! I bet Oprah called Tyler and said see friend, now you see why I didn’t open my mouth.

But again, Tyler is a Christian and it killed him to know that he may have hurt her and  felt it was necessary to reach out , and for that I LOVE TYLER. He could have let her bleed out, cause Tyler already talked to Oprah she rolled her eyes and said.. I wish I would **  me laughing loud**, Lee aint thinking about her, so that leaves Tyler, the one with a soul. The one who cares. The one who loves God. The one who wants Peace. The one who knows it says in the Bible;

Galatians 6:1 ESV 

Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

Matthew 5:9 New International Version (NIV)

Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.


See, Monique and Sidney was so busy daily being “offended”, when Tyler said, how can I make this right? They took it as, “what you don’t know?” So he bought up royalties, that was not enough, they over talked him on that. That then bought on new issues.. Oh you’re the billionaire talking now, as if to say this is not about money. But then make a public note to say… “he still haven’t sent anything.”  Then when they said admit you were wrong. So he admitted he was wrong,  but wanted to tell how he came to the conclusion he came too. That wasn’t enough.

I’m thinking, so what these doe-doe birds wanted Tyler to call all cars * news stations* to hold a press conference telling the world he was wrong and made a mistake? What she wanted him to send out a email to his fans apologizing to them? Or did she want him to make a video? These nothings really have lost their minds! Listening to the interview made me mad, they wouldn’t let Tyler get a word in, being sarcastic, asking leading questions. I would have gotten them ALL THE WAY TOGETHER. First by saying.. all this over talking… WE AINT DOING!!! The first sign of them double teaming. hollering, asking leading questions, and bullying..  CLICK! RINGER OFF! DONE!!!

Somebody need to tell Monique and Sidney there are going to be plenty and many of times when they are offended. You can’t talk about your offenses for the rest of your life. Yes, there was a problem, it was an attempt to work the problem out, but you took none of the help. So, yall sit your asses in the ***OFFENDED HOSPITAL*** and figure it out.

Tyler Perry, don’t ever, ever in your life comment on this publicly, or even to anyone in your circle. You tried to be the * EMS* they refuse help/service… LET EM BLEED!

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