Lifted FEAR

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Hey Family!!

I was watching weddings and proposals on YouTube. I love how the men set up the proposals.  Women are always the one behind a planning event. I’m learning to listen more and be more submissive. I haven’t thought about what type of wedding ring I want, or colors to my wedding if I ever got married. But it has made me think about those things.

God told me 21 years ago that if I did one thing,  that I would get married. He told me that it was someone that I knew already.  I neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ever wanted to conquer my fear, so I was like.. OH WELL GOD. guess I won’t be getting married. ((( SMH @ myself)))). I wasn’t thinking about marriage back then, so I wasn’t in a hurry to know. How I know it was God? His voice was out of the blue and so clear. I know his voice, and every time he tells me something, or SOMEONE ELSE, it always come to pass. Plus, this is something that I FEARED doing, so I know I didn’t tell myself this.

So let me tell you what I did. ((( I’m always trying to help God.. SMH)))), I went to all of my male friends and bought them back into my life.  ONE BY ONE, to see if anyone of them would be potentials. Yup, sure did. I spoke with them, and they never knew what I was doing. After seeing what their life was about, I was like UGH… I don’t want none of them. I’m good God.

Years started passing, and still I didn’t want to do what I had to do to know. So, 5, 10, 15, 20 years passed and its funny, because when he told me this I was still meeting new people along the way.  It was getting hard to figure out who it was.  Never thinking that it would take me up until now to do this thing.  Which brings me to 21 years more of NEW PEOPLE. Yes, you get my point? And I still haven’t done it.

I NEVER shared this with  ANYONE, because they want to know.. well what is it?  What is it? What is it?  What did God tell you to do? A husband and you haven’t done it, gurl are you crazy? I don’t want to hear that, because my  fear is connected to something else and my sister helped me to realized that. BUT she didn’t know that it was connected to something else. She doesn’t even know about the husband part. But anyway. God has been dealing with me on that issue and when I say its almost time. My fear has been lifted after prayer, and soon, and very soon I will do this.  This is so funny and silly to me. Because I never cared, maybe because I wasn’t ready. I dunno.

Something happened to me recently and it has changed my whole life around and when I tell you I see things differently. I wish I could go deeper, but I can’t. ANYWAY… ENOUGH ABOUT ME. LOOK AT THIS RANGGGGGGGGGGG GURL!

OMG I’m in LOVE . I want THIS!

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