The Lesson in it/ Private Issues

If we would just pay attention to the moments.

I was talking to a friend earlier about her husband who happens to be cheating on her. She sees the need to check the woman when the man is the one who her loyalty lies with.

I remember being her age 22-23 and I was dealing with the same thing, but her situation is a little bit different because she has a husband and four children with him. As a woman I can surely understand her hurt and pain. The 52-year-old woman in me wants to tell her as she has been dealing with this for months and months now to file for divorce, collect child support, focus on herself and her children and to keep it moving. But the 22-year-old in me wants to tell her to keep fighting for her marriage because at that age I wanted to fight for my relationship and friendship with my significant other. But I do know that a cheating man or woman takes time to get it out of their system, and if a person takes too long waiting for that to happen, it can mess their partner up mentally, causing all kinds of trust issues in this relationship and the ones to come.

I hate to see this young couple go through this. But I also hate to see even more the back-and-forth exchange with her, her husband, and the person he’s cheating with on Facebook. If they were to ever work on a place of healing and actually get through it, they cannot take back the damage that’s been done on Facebook. Outsiders are not the easiest to forgive because they are constantly thinking about their own situation in this same area of hurt.

The Lesson in all of this….. try hard, really hard, pray if you need, keep your private life off social media. Don’t look like what you’re going through.

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