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Hey Family

Im home from my trip to Atlanta. If you know me, you know I love Atlanta. I went for my daughter’s family reunion when I was 23 or 24 (( now 49))  and I fell in LOVE. I always said that I wanted to move there. Me and my cousin both kept saying it. This was during the time of the freak nik. When the college kids and others drove to Atlanta and had weekend parties. I remember that year having so much fun, that I came home told my 3 BFF’s about it, and we planned a trip on the spot and went 2 months later. In that trip we took my cousin and she stayed NEVER EVER to return. I hate I didn’t get a chance to see her this weekend when I went to their hotel for a moment.

I lOOOOOOVE to drive, so me and my daughter rented a truck, packed up and we hit I-75 straight to Atlanta. We left at 2:30 am, got there at 4:00 pm. We ran into a accident involving 2 trucks. We didn’t see the accident because it was raining, but so happens when the traffic stopped we were the 3rd car behind it. Funny thing… well not so funny, is that it really wasn’t an accident, the truck slid and to keep from going over, somehow the driver made his truck go side ways and BLOCKED OFF ALL LANES TO GET PASS!!! So we waited an hour and a half PLUS for crews to get there and move the truck out of the way. So that took us a wait.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. We made reservations to stay at one of my favorite places in Sandy Springs. I made reservations back in Feb, but had to cancel that date on June 12, because we were arriving one day later. I changed it, and that was final.

We  made it to Atlanta at 3:30 and on the reservation it said that if you are going to be later than 4 please call the hotel directly and tell the desk clerk. Well my daughter made the call and told her we would be there at 4. Before my daughter could get a word out, the lady said.. “we’re sold out”, and I didn’t see your name on guest list. My daughter knew I was going to be MAD! So she said momma talk to this lady she said we are not on the guest list. So, I grabbed the phone and said Hello, ((( in a low calm voice))) we made reservations in this hotel and I dont understand why you dont see my name in your system, when I have my EMAIL CONFIRMATION RIGHT HERE, AND THE DATE FOR TODAY. I can hear lies in her voice, and right now as I was driving, I’m PISSED…. I’m so mad, I’m about to cry because I drove straight for 12 plus hours and she’s telling me that she doesn’t see my reservation in her system when I clearly see it in my email. Then she says.. well you can call around to our other property to see if they have some available. That’s when my daughter said “why should we have to call around this is your fault?” I told her you know what? IM ON MY WAY! I was DONE  talking over the phone. I wanted to look her in her eyes.

We arrived at 4:00 on the dot!! Before I went in.. God had a pep talk with me because HE KNOW.. I will tear the place DOWN with my bare hands. I always try to have patience with people, before I nut up.

We walked in and she ALREADY KNOW its ME. MY face was twisted and I’m looking at her name badge.  She was on the phone with another property manager trying to get us a room over there. When I’m talking business, I always speak in a low, to the point, voice, with EYE CONTACT THAT WILL make a MAN nervous. I found out that for black people, folks (( blacks and white)) LOVE to say, she had an attitude, she harassed me, her voice was intimidating, she scared me, she cursed me out, she was yelling at me, so I had to learn how to speak when I’m angry, in order to get to the bottom of a situation. She kept saying that I wasn’t in her system, so when I showed her my reservation she looked at it and said.. “OH it says June 12, that was yesterday.. I SAID LOOK AT IT AGAIN.. IT SAYS JULY 12.. NOT JUNE! She looked at it again and said.. Oh. Which even pissed me off even more, because she TRIED to find fault in me, when she knew she was the one at fault.  She held on while the property manager at the other place wanted to speak to me. She gave me the phone and I told him upfront… LISTEN.. I dont live raggedy at home, and I’m not here in Atlanta to sleep in any ole neighborhood and hotel. He said okay maam, this place is not as nice as the one you’re at, but it is CLEAN.. and I do have a room for you. WE left, and went over to his property. When we saw that out house looking place I wanted to drag him in that back office and lock him in the building for 50 days, no water no food!!!! He knew by our conversations and the way We presented ourselves that We wasn’t going to stay in some renkedink hotel. NEVA!!!!  RAGGEDY!!!! I was pissed! 😡😡

Long story short (( cause I’m getting mad all over again)). WE left there and went to 3 hotels before we found one NOT sold out!! Anddddddd after sharing my story we got upgraded to a Suite for FREE. I was just sharing with the front desk clerk because I was frustrated, not even throwing hints for anything. It was deep into the 14th hour of driving and I was tired.

The next day… YOU KNOW THIS VIRGO jumped on the phone and called her manager about what happened…. he seemed to be her friend and asked me, was I going to be there the following week , he would have a room for me.. GTFOH! IM DONE WITH YALL!


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Hey Family!!!

I know its been a minute since I’ve written.. my numbers are popping off the chain… even when Cree is away. LOL I love that.

So much is happening so fast….  I have shared much about what’s been going on with me in the last 2 years in my private FACEBOOK group. Me moving to Atlanta, not getting the apartment I wanted or the job I interviewed for, coming back home to Detroit. Having to live with my daughter for 3 months, moving into an apartment that I didn’t want to move in, working a part time job barely making ends meet. Having spiders bite me, losing my job a day before Thanksgiving, going BACK to Walmart for 4 days, while they try to pay me $7.80.. so I quit. From my van being stolen out of my parking lot of my apartment, to applying for Medicaid and Food Stamps. I shared my story and my pain to a selected 103. Now God said its the turn a round… When I tell you… what GOD HAS DONE FOR MEEEEE… I WOULD GLADLY REDO THOSE LAST 2 YEARS OVER AGAIN TO BE HERE….. BECAUSE I HAVE LANDED THE JOB OF MY DREAMS/CAREER.. INTERVIEWED.. RETURN INTERVIEW.. AND ORIENTATION IS NEXT WEEK!!! I AM OVER JOYED.. THANK YOU JESUS.. THANK YOU LORD!!!! Then to top that off. They have done a complete make over of my building. New fitness center, brand new store, business area with many computers… and once your lease is up.. you HAVE  to move out into a brand new apartment. And guess what? My lease is up next month.. I’m so excited. Living in the heart of Downtown Detroit. Wow, wow.. Hahaha… and I told God.. I didn’t want to move here. LOL He knew what my future held. 

But what amazes me… is that someone can know all that you’ve BEEN through.. know the tears you’ve cried, the pain you suffered, the stories you told… and still they’re not AS happy as they can be for you.. Because they’re afraid that you may go higher than them. But you know what? I DON’T GIVE A DAYUM!!!! I’VE BEEN THROUGH TOO MUCH… TO LOOK OVER AT TWISTED FACES BECAUSE OF WHAT GOD IS DOING IN MY LIFE… QUIET -SILENT- PAUSES….Been looking over at people scared to fly.. I’m outta here. Lord.. I want ALL YOU HAVE FOR ME!!! ALL!


Sisters Only/ Weight Loss Update/ Detroit is Home for Me



 Every time I think about being back home in Detroit from Atlanta…. I’m reminded of all the things that I’ve helped out with concerning my family, that I wonder how things would have turned out, had I not been here. I must say, since God said so first…”I am exactly where I’m suppose to be”. I love Atlanta, and I wouldn’t mind having my own apartment there, but for now…. Downtown Detroit is home for me… and after 2 years…. I’m finally okay with that.

 I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds!!! Yes! Walking Mon-Fri has really helped me to come down. The part that makes me happy is that whenever I hang with family and over eat, I know how to get back in the ring and get it off. I know how to eat, and I pay attention to my body. Its a challenge to me to reach a goal. I still have a long ways to go, but its challenging getting there…which is not so bad.

I’ve been hanging with my Sisters this past week. I love them so much. I want to put together a gathering for Sisters Only. But if you’re an only child and have a good friend who you call a Sister, that would be just fine to attend. I found out that when you get along well with the Siblings you grew up in the home with everyday , that you’re likely to get along with other women easily. For me…. I will never ever engage into a disagreement or anything physically with another woman… my thought is this…. if I don’t fight or fall out with THE SISTERS I LIVED IN THE HOUSE WITH EVERYDAY AS KIDS… why would I give negative energy and time into women outside of them? To me…. that’s equivalent to SUICIDE. Now that’s my thought on it. I’m so happy that it doesn’t have to be that way, because I have great friendships, and I LOVE all of my friends dearly.

In putting together “Sisters Only”… I want to teach women that its okay to have debates and arguments with your sisters because of difference of opinion. I’ve learned that my sisters and I have debates a lot because we ARE DIFFERENT.  But our LOVE  for each other is so strong, that debates and opinions HAS NEVER OUTWEIGHED that day and time of being together. Its not important to carry the difference of opinion into the next day, or month. For us, its not about being “right”.. its only about being able to express how we each feel. Lets be real…. we all feel like we’re right. After we debated it out and it dies down… we laugh, talk about who was the loudest, who had the best point and then its over. I think Sisters Only will help sisters to understand each other better. That is okay… that you’re not on the same page all the time.

I just had to post the above photo. I remember my momma giving us that eye. LOL We use to be scared… we knew if we didn’t stop what we were doing bad, it was on and poppin. Hehehehe

Be Blessed

My Style – My Taste….. Bathroom/Bedroom *2*… YESSS ((((Blog))))



Almost a year……. Cree’s Blog Entry

lori marry“Sometimes I feel as if I should have kept my ass on the shore” Just a thought that pops in my mind every now and then when I think about this time last year, when I was preparing to move to Georgia…..but when I think about things to come…. I laugh.

I left for Georgia on my Birthday last year Sept 3. Almost a year ago. Life has really changed for me since then. Every time I move, there is always a shift for me…. I always end up doing better than before. I think its me this time. I’m learning to completely change the way I look at things, and I want so badly to do things God’s way. I’m more quiet and try to think before I speak. My world was moving so fast. I am a different woman from who I was last year. I can see it and feel it. More humble, more of a listener and slow to speak.

I am very much at Peace, but there are still some answers I need from God. And I’m asking them daily. My finances has changed very much. Those 10 years I lived at my other place. I didn’t want for anything. I always had money, went out of town 2 and 3 times a year. Took long vacations from work. I was going to the movies * I love this* every week, going to the grocery store buying things for the house to last me for 6 months…that’s the kinda shopping I like to do. I was the loaner….. but baaaby when I say thangs has change in that area…… believe it. LOL

I haven’t been able to stock up like I do when it comes to my soap, tissue, dish washing liquid, Ajax, toothpaste and those kinds of things. I don’t go to the movies like I enjoy doing as much, not even going to dinner with friends. Things are really tight for me, and I don’t like it one bit. I keep thinking about Georgia so I know that I’m going back there, why am I not happy like I can see myself being? I have visions so deep, and I KNOW they’re going to come to pass. They ALWAYS do. I miss my concerts….* tears*.

Today, I was driving and was complaining about all of these things, then God said… think about the things you are blessed for. By the time I got half way through my thoughts of all the good he has done for me since being back, I was in tears. Sometimes we can look at everything that’s not going well, and totally forget about the BLESSINGS. I felt good all day.

I’m happy for my friend Lori of 10 plus years… she’s getting MARRIED next year… and her sister is getting MARRIED in Oct of this year. I just got my invite in the mail a few days ago….. I’m so happy for them both.  I can’t wait to see them both walk down the aisle. They are so close, and I just love their Sisterly Relationship. Talk about talks over dinner, me and Lori use to get it in!!!!!!!!!! I love when she calls me for advice, I’ve always been her gurl for that. So Congratulations to Lori and Lecia!!!! * Lori at the top… Lecia at the bottom*

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Creflo, Atlanta,Gerald Levert

What a week this has been. WOW LOL I guess I’ll never know how God has the patience to deal with his kids….. I know for a fact that I’m a handful all by myself……so can you imagine what the rest of the world is like? LOL

I don’t like to Celebrity Blog but this one I have to discuss. Creflo Dollar.

If you know me, you know I LOVE ME SOME CREFLO DOLLAR. When I was in Atlanta I went to his Mega Church…… World Changers International. But this past Sunday I kinda looked at him in a different light. Not bad….. oh no… not at all. The things he said really made my eye brows go up past the beginning of my hair line……..yeah way up there. A lot of times he will go off and go into something personal and at times its funny and easy to follow. But this PAST week 6/3/12 he started talking about Churches and how they only have a few members and they have a nerve to call themselves INTERNATIONAL…. and the audience laughed. Then he started talking more about the Churches , but this time he just kept on talking negative, and I’m going from laughing to “did he just say that”? I was asking myself why is he nutting up and talking badly about other folks Church? Then he said something that just took me over, I had to close out of his site…… my ears couldn’t hear it anymore. I was embarrassed to see him go on like that….. because he was way out of Character. I felt bad for him.

I sat at my computer and God said, Creflo needs to be humbled… and then I heard God say he is about to show him something and the whole world is going to know about it. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS DID I THINK IT WOULD BE LESS THAN A WEEK BEFORE HE DID IT. See, I know God… you can’t have all of these followers * and they belong to God* and feed them YOUR GARBAGE… YOUR OPINION… YOUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS….you can’t do it. I knew he was going to be in NATION WIDE TROUBLE with GOD. I KNEW IT… I KNEW IT…. I KNEW IT….

I knew that he wouldn’t be in the kinda trouble where something happens and ONLY his family and close friends knows about it. Or his behind the scenes Church family…… I knew that he would be in trouble TROUBLE. He needs to really humble himself, because he was really off the hook in last Sundays Service. Gosh….. and no one could stop it. He couldn’t stop himself at a certain point. The sad part is….. the REAL issue isn’t about what happened with his daughter, its about humbling himself. I hope he gets it, because this is serious. He always make fun of the noises that Pastors make when they are at the end of their sermon, and his congregation laughs. My Pastor makes that noise, and I don’t find it funny when you LEAVE SCRIPTURE and talk about what other PASTORS do. I can’t feel that. Its a DISRESPECT to any man of God, who do their best to get God’s word out to people who understand this way of teaching. I grew up with it, I understand it. Just because you seat 30,000 people doesn’t give you a right to talk about how another Pastor preach to his flock.

Again, I say….. what happened between him and his daughter IS HIS BUSINESS….. this is all about HUMBLENESS.

In other news…….

Its so hard trying to find an apartment in Atlanta while living here in Detroit. I will hop in my car and check out a place in seconds. I’m such a go getter when it comes to certain things….. I love that about myself. I want this bad… I feel like I’m over loading my mind thinking about it all day ….everyday. I may have to take another trip there soon for paper work. Spending all this extra money is killing me. Lord, please HELP ME. Sometimes I wonder if I had went 19 years ago when I took my cousin * who still lives there* what would I be doing now, and would I love it? I’m sure!!!! LOL Being a step closer excites me.

Gerald Levert’s Birthday is coming up next month and as I was pulling into my drive way yesterday coming home from work… his song DJ Don’t came on, and I was bumping it….till I thought about the fact that he is no longer here with us. I just burst out crying my eyes were so red. Afterwards I was saying to myself…..where did that come from? I MISS HIM SO MUCH. I’m so happy and Blessed that God let me meet him and take so many photos with him before he passed on. God knew that he was going to die, and he knew that I would be just devastated if he passed on without me meeting him. I remember that night so clear, he held a private party and my gurl Pat won 2 tickets and she invited me. It was so private, we had him all to ourselves. All we wanted were photos and good conversation…..that’s all. And he gave it to us. He loved his fans… not only did he tell us.. but he showed it in and at all his gatherings JUST FOR HIS FANS. I miss him dearly.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

I’m tired….

So…. I’m home from Atlanta. I had a wonderful time. I have a lot to be Thankful for. LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 🙂

Anyway…… I noticed that Georgia folks drive differently than we Michiganders. We have a need for speed….and here’s why? We have only 3 lanes on I-94, our rodes are really only busy when we have concerts or its rush hour. We are VERY IMPATIENT people. We don’t like to wait, we have to go now…and that’s funny. Because I LOVE TO DRIVE…..I can drive for hours and hours and hours, give me 3 Ipods * I have 3* and its ON. But in Georgia, the rodes are so BUSY, that they don’t have enough space to pick up speed. They are always bumper to bumper, and when they need to switch lanes….THEY SWITCH LANES. LOL LOL LOL LOL They rarely turn on their blinkers, if they see opportunity to get over, they will take it. They will get over in the tightest spots, but do that here in Detroit…… that is considered DISRESPECTFUL to the HIGHEST POWER. At first I was like “WTH…. dat nicka didn’t even put his blinkers on….. he just got ova”. LOL After a while, I just started getting ova too…..but I  used my blinkers. Detroit people will have a hard time driving in the ATL traffic, we get upset and will find it hard to deal . To me it seems as if they’re use to it there. Here, it takes no time to find yourself doing 80-85 on the highway….. and all that sudden switching lanes they do there, they can neverrrrrr get away with it here. We will chase you down, and mean mug you. LOL

I see now why the people in Georgia can NEVER drive in SNOW. They have too many hills and those people will KILL THEMSELVES . LOL They hit the breaks hard whenever they went up or down a hill. LOL LOL LOL Woo, so funny. Now add snow and ice to the rodes, man I see why they call a STATE  EMERGENCY when they get a inch of snow… some of those people drive ways were like hills. I will NEVER drive up or down that baby…. I’ll walk. If it snows that is pure ICE…. I wonder how many people try to drive anyway?How could you stop? That was scary just thinking about it. LOL Its a trip that we are that different, but we are all people and God loves us.

I’m tired…. talked with my sistergurl from Virginia today…. Quetta. I wanted to see my ATL friends and family. San, Big San, Tasha, Ms Betty, Monica,TEARSA TEARSA TEARSA * <—mygurl*, Rubie, and JOANN…..But I didn’t want to turn it into a family/friend trip… that’s later. Business called…. and so it was.

Alright, I’m tired….. got lots of Business to take care of tomorrow as well. Be Blessed..


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

So Blessed :)

So Blessed…… so Blessed 🙂 God is surely the head of my life 🙂 Loving Atlanta at this moment.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Seems like the closer I get to my breakthrough the more attacked I am. I’m just shaking my head right now at everything that is coming up against me. If I wasn’t strong and knew God the way I do, I’ll be somewhere crying. But I’m the baddest chick ( Spiritually speaking) and I’m not breaking down. I’m about to push through some doors, people I talk too everyday don’t have a clue about what’s going down with me. Some stuff you just can’t share. And by me being a giving and sharing person, I know….. I’m going to have to make people understand that *YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME… BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA*. And they’re going to feel *left behind*. Not because of me, but because of themselves.

Everybody knows * Pheadra Parks voice* that I love to plan gatherings. And also, I’m invited to a lot of them. Most of the people I go with are coworkers. Yesterday my coworker * MY BOSS* called me and asked me to go with her and some others. I’m not the type of person that’s gonna call up my friends, to go with me. I don’t do that. Its not my function and to me its rude to invite others. I don’t hang out often but when I do….. we have a good time. I love to laugh and have fun. It was a big thing on my FB page that I didn’t invite a few others. Well its not my function, I WAS INVITED…. okay you may know all of the people who were there, but still ITS NOT LACREASE’S FUNCTION. My thing is this, I always do the planning. Why don’t someone else plan the gatherings, why do they always wait on me? Its easy… I’ll show them how to do it. Anywayyyyyyyy I’m so done with that!!!!

Then today….. Lord help me. I was ringing up customers still in the zone from many things last week. The guy who raped me when I was a 18 year old virgin came through my line today with his wife, who is also my friend. MY heart wasn’t beating fast like it did a time before he came through my line. But I found my self being weird… looking at his fingers that he stuck so far up in me, I thought I was going to die. He’s so tall and strong, it just made me think about that night he left me bleeding. *SMH* Anyway… as they were leaving, he said to me something like …I still wonder if she’s my daughter and want a test. That irritated the HELL OUT OF ME. Every time he see me he says that. I met Neisha’s dad shortly after that happened to me. I was crazy about him. And it may sound foolish now, but I had sex with him, so that the guy who raped me wouldn’t be the last person. I got pregnant 3 months later, so when the guy who raped me found out I was pregnant, he bugged me and bugged me and still to this day…. KEEP F***ING BUGGING ME ABOUT IT. NOOOOOO SHE IS NOT YOUR CHILD! THANK GOD!!

SO, now I want Peace to continue to live in me, I want to do what I have to do to make my moves and take care of my business, doing what I love to do…. and that’s working with Teens.

In the meantime I have to keep PRESSING MY WAY… time is COMING 2012

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Photos, vents, and ATL….Cree’s Blog

Happy Friday!!!
I was so tired today. Been working lots of hours. I went Atlanta Apartment Shopping yesterday and lost my mind.LOL I am starting on one room at a time, and I bought so much stuff for my bathroom. So many beautiful colorful towels, and face towels. I bought soap to last 6 months, bathroom cleaners to last 9 months. I need to buy a few more things for that room, and then I’m moving on to the next room. I want to buy comforters, I can catch them on sale soon when the seasons change. I want to buy at least 2 more flat screen TV’s. I’m not a TV person, but I love how they dress up a room. I bought a dinette set which is nice, ppl telling me I shouldn’t take a lot of stuff with me, its gonna be hard to decide whats going to stay. WE have at least over 300 books in this house, gotta find a spot for them. When I move to Atlanta I don’t plan to buy anything when I get there, just focus on bills and learning to regroup myself. I’m a person who believes in paying bills $0.00 not having balances. I use to do that back in my 20’s pay on this, pay on that, next thing I knew I had shut off notices. Naw, aint trying to see those days anymore. LOL Shopping was really fun.
I can have a conversation with someone and say “the sky is so blue today” and that person can later tell someone “me and Cree were talking today and she said the sky is so blue today”. That 2nd person will come to me and say….yeah such and such told me that you said earlier that “the sky is so blue”. And I sit there like “Are you serious”………did you just repeat something that is really nothing. Just because Cree said it, its now TRUE and a big deal. That burns me up. This lady son came up to my job, and her son was very handsome, so I told her. she went right to another associate and told her what I said, and then added, that’s why I don’t want him up here, I don’t need nobody looking at him like that, he’s a baby. First of all, That was a compliment for YOU, LOL not for me a 44 year old, against your 18 year old, OMG!!! Are you serious, serious? That’s what I go through every now and then. But I’m good, guess its the God in me they see.
I was going through my photos of friends that I’ve known for ever, and family who I would like to post. I love them all.
Be Blessed Everyone 🙂
The photo at the top is my GOOD FRIEND/SISTER Lisa Logan and her daughter ( My God daughter) Erika! Me and Lisa use to have soooooooo much fun. OMG. WHEW!! When I say I love that crazy gurl, I love her. She loves me too 🙂
 My crazzyyyyyyyyy COUSIN MONICA. She called me the other night ( She lives in Georgia), before I could say HEYYY BOOOOOO. She said gurl, you aint gon beleive this. GUESS WHO IS OVA HERE? Im like who? She said Tyler Perry!!!!! WE laughed, and laughed and laughed! She wish!!! She loves Tyler Perry. She was at a resturant one day and he was standing outside on the phone, her crazy self walked up to him while he was on the phone and tried to hold a conversation with him… LOL of course about his work. Anyway….she’s a Virgo too, she knows we dont like to be interupted while talking on the phone. I love this photo of her, she looks SO PRETTY!! I LOVE YOU MONICA! ( The photo below is also her)