Georgia on my mind…

Thank you Lord for an awesome day at work today!!! Once I’m home my days are even better, but my challenge is there. I’m 22 days in from ATL, and I’m feeling so good. Seems as if my breakthrough is coming. I just don’t know what it is, all I can do is get up everyday, pray and live my best life ever.



Why is my unpacked suitcase still sitting on the floor? LOL Thats not funny at all, because I should have put those items away. I’m leaving back out in a month or so, I may just leave it there.


 When we were in ATL, we drove down this street called Belle Isle. I remember that name because we have a very famous park here with the same name. ( photo is of Belle Isle Park that I personally took  March 2010) Matter of fact, I’ve been there about 4 times this year, because it’s so peaceful and enjoyable. Thats what I do to clear my head, I take drives. I love it too, sometimes I think I should have been a bus driver or something. lol I remember one day I was dating this guy,  he was disappointed because I couldnt drive cause he felt it was *sexy* for a woman to drive her man around every now and then. I didn’t like him anyway. UGH! Ha ha, where is he now? I got one for ya JOE!


Anyway, the Mansions that we saw, were so beautiful and so huge!!! I said to myself to God…….. boo I didn’t know you were rolling like that!!!! Here in Detroit, we have some nice homes, nice neighborhoods, but nothing like those in Buckhead. Nothing!!! You look at these homes, and think to yourself………… I know this is the same God  who……Blessed them with this home!! I went to the city of Atlanta and it was RUFF!! One time we drove to Atlanta and my friend took her son to see his dad, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby that house and neighborhood was off the hook ( A mess)!!! I knew then that I would never live in that part. Neva!! Another time we were there on our way to Orlando Florida for a week, we stayed in a very nice hotel in Georgia somewhere, but we didn’t know about the roaches and bugs. We were 4 trucks deep ( yeah I know) traveling from Michigan to Florida. As soon as we checked into the hotel room, this HUGE ROACH, came walking across the floor, ALL OF US RAN AND JUMPED ON THE BED HOLLERINGGGGGGG and JUST A SCREAMING WHILE THE MEN tried to kill it. That thang, detached  from his shell and BUST UP!!! I thought my mind had fallen out of my head.We didnt know where he went. We asked for another room. I was so scared, well we all were. At that point the men were too. LOL I don’t know if I can deal with those bugs like that. OMG!! I don’t think non of us slept that night. When daylight came, we got a refund, and hot tailed out of Georgia!!! LOL


I’m reading this book by Stormie Omartian called The Power of Praying Through the Bible. It’s a book made up of Bible studies, and devotional prayers. It’s really good. I’m about to go and read a few pages then go to bed, gotta work in the A.M. 


 I’ll post tomorrow.

Good Night!


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