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Hey Family!

My Birthday was Sep 3 and I turned 51! Wow Thank you Jesus. I remember when I was younger saying how old 50 was. Now that I’m that age, I am NOT old… I AM STILL YOUNG AND LEARNING! This is the age where you just start to LIVE! And I really mean that.

You come to a place and time in your life where you know what’s important, who is for you. You watch what you say and do because at this age you don’t want to pay for any silly immature consequences. You are slow to speak, and LOVE to keep quiet and just watch it go down ((( cause aint nothing you can do about it anyway))). This is the age where you want more of God, less of the world and more PEACE. You don’t want to fall out with anyone,  I’m not mad at anyone, want to argue and debate, just  go to work, come home and enjoy the rest of my days in PEACE AND LOVE. This is where I am in my life.

Now look, I have one child. My daughter was born on my Birthday Sep 3. She turned 32. So, a week before our birthday she told me that she was taking me out to dinner along with her boyfriend. I was happy and couldn’t wait for the day.

That day came and I was talking to my mother on the phone, I had planned to go see her (( she lives directly around the corner from me)) and then when it was time to go to dinner, I could leave from her place. She told me that she wanted to going with us, but felt that me and my daughter should go. Then she said, well, I’m going to get off this phone and lay down for a few. I told her okay, well I’ll see her the next day for my birthday.

Not long after that, my daughter texted me and asked me did I mind of grandma and granddad go with us, and if I could pick them up. I was excited because I knew my mom wanted to go. My dad even said he would go. I called my mom and she said that my daughter asked them to go with us. I was happy. I love my family because we always get together. Then, I jumped on the phone and called my Sister Peedie and ask her what she and her husband doing? She said they had just finished eating pizza and that they were relaxing for the evening. I said okay, well talk to you later.

Time came to pick up my parents and we were on our way. My daughter called me as we were driving to say,  stay in the car until we pull up so that we could be seated together. Okay cool. She and her boyfriend arrived and we all got out the car. As my daughter opened the door for us (( somehow I was first, I’m usually last especially with my parents)) which leads to the first sitting area, I walked in and my whole family was sitting there smiling and looking at me. Took me a second to realize what and who I was seeing.

There WAS MY SISTER PEEDIE, HER HUSBAND, MY NIECES THEIR BOYFRIENDS, MY NEPHEWS, MY BROTHER HIS GIRLFRIEND I WAS SO SHOCKED AND OUT DONE Plus my parents, my daughter and her boyfriend, 16 of us. They planned this for a month!!! I remember just staring at my sister Peedie cause she just told me on the phone that she had dinner and was relaxing for the day.  Took me a second to realize that she was actually there. I had tears in my eyes to see MY FAMILY!! My daughter got me good. They all got hugs and kisses and my sneaky daughter I’m going to get her! And lots of MONEY AND GIFTS!!! That was truly amazing what my daughter did for me, and its her Birthday too! WE sat down together had dinner, drinks, and lots of laughs. Thank you Jesus for my family. I truly appreciate it and enjoyed myself.

Well, I’m down to my last 2 days of my 10 day vacation! I had a good time. I went to dinner, to the movies, hung out at the park talking to my sister and relaxing on the Detroit River several days, went to my first NFL game to see The Detroit Lions play LIVE and had FRONT ROW SEATS, washed clothes, cleaned up, relaxed, shopping tomorrow and to the DETROIT RIVER, then back to work on Friday!

Thank you Lord for another YEAR

Komika Slick




Sitting here fighting sleep. Knowing I have lots of errands to run tomorrow. Then on Sunday my great niece Birthday Party. To make matters crazy for me…. everybody knows me knows I’m a huge FOOTBALL fan, and the Detroit Lions play Arizona at 4:30 and the party is from  4-6. I’m sick about it…. I have a decision to make. I’m dragging for Sunday to come. LOL The Lions are 8-2

OMG cant take it anymore.. GOOD NIGHT.. IM CROSS SIDED!

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Happy Birthday Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry Birthday is today. Happy Birthday.

He threw himself a party last night and I’m glad that the people invited/chosen had a wonderful time. Not sure why they couldn’t talk about it…? but here’s what Kandi  Burruss had to say.

 I had one of the best nights of my life last night! I’m not suppose to talk about the party but let me just say I was honored to be invited. @todd167 & I left there feeling inspired. I almost didn’t make the trip to come but I’m so glad I did. It’s so cool when you’re amongst people that you look up to & they treat you with love & mutual admiration & respect. One statement that I took from last night was #DreamBigger! We had a living example of someone who thru prayer & hard work accomplished what most people would have thought wouldn’t have been possible. Well, I thought I was dreaming big before but I’m about to #DreamBigger & see where it takes me! Sending love to everyone as I’m filled with joy as I type this!

Kandi Burruss

Me and My daughters Birthday Wishes- THANKFUL /BLOG

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Beautiful!!
Happy birthday, Cree. I pray you enjoy your special day.
Happy Birthday ….HUGS!!! LOVE YA!!!
Happy Birthday! enjoy your day
So, I hear it’s your birthday…hope you enjoy not just the day or the week but the entire month!!!
Happy Birthday Girl.
Alright!!! It is officially September 3. Join me in singing loud and off key to my twin Lacrease Walker and my niece Neisha HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA HAPPY BIIIIRRRRTHDAY!!feeling blessed.

It’s my daughter and grand daughters Birthday today have a very happy day today La’Crease and Mar’Neisha . May God bless both of you with many many more enjoy this day. Love mom/G ma.


Happy Birthday Lacrease! Enjoy your day!!!


Happy birthday to you beloved,God bless both you and your beautiful daughter, love you guys,have an awesome day.


Happy Bday Lacrease hope your day is a very blessed one enjoy girlie
Happy Birthday honey, have a great day tomorrow.
Happy BDAY! !!!
Happy Birthday lady!
Happy birthday Finney Highlanders alum, enjoy!!!!!
Happy Birthday
Ron Artist
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Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day and many many more.
Roz DiGiuseppe wrote on your Timeline.
I wish I lived closer. Mama Roz would bake you a very special cake!
Roz DiGiuseppe wrote on your Timeline.
Happy Birthday and may God continue to bless you abundantly!
Shela Copeland wrote on your Timeline.
Happy Birthday Love!
Annie Chappell-Hamilton wrote on your Timeline.
Happy Birthday, I hope that you enjoy your day!
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Happy b-day sis and may God continue to bless you with a many more enjoy and bro love you!!
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Happy Birthday
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HBD Cree Dogg.
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Happy Birthday, ENJOY!!
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Happy birthday niece enjoy your day love you!!!!
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Happy Birthday Cree!!! Enjoy your special day dear friend oxoxoxo
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Happy Happy Burfday Gurl Njoy But i kno U will this is the day that the lord has made rejoice and be glad in it
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Happy birthday Cree
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy Birthday Lacrease Walker enjoy your day , and tell nisha i said Happy Birthday to ❤
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Happy Birthday Lacrease!!! Continued love, peace, and blessings!!! EnJOY!!
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Happy birthday Cre dog.. Have a blessed day󾬖󾬖󾬖
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Happy birthday enjoy and have a bless day 󾔑
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Happy Birthday to you wonder woman & your beautiful smart daughter. 󾌬
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happy b-day
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miss u at work girl
Happy Birthday zee many more
Happy Birthday Auntie Have FUN
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Zee enjoy your day celebrating you
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday moma I really hope u enjoying yo day u deserve it! Love u bby cakes! Tell my sister I said happy birthday love her much!
Happy birthday to my big sister Lacrease Walker ,who I been knowing all my life so you no that’s special love!!we don’t need a CROWD to have fun..WE GOT EACH OTHER”FAMILY 1 ST!
Haaaaaaappppppyy Birthday!
Happy Birthday cousin! Hope your day is filled with Love & Happiness! Love u!
Photo: Happy Birthday cousin!  Hope your day is filled with Love & Happiness!  󾌬  Love u!

Labor Day Pizza Day/May 6, 2010….. (((((BLOG)))))

MAY 6, 2010
MAY 6, 2010

Today was another GREAT DAY. I had planned to stay home, but Nesha called and wanted to order pizza and go to my mom and dad’s building to eat. WE usually barbecue and make side dishes but today we just chilled and talked. My Birthday is Wednesday and so we plan to meet again and have ice cream and cake. Everybody knows I LOVE cake. I’m not a sweet eater at all, but CAKE… I CAN TAKE DOWN. LOL

Tonight I was sitting here thinking about a night back in 2010 Thursday May 6, to be exact when God spoke to me…and I’m not going to lie.. when he said it.. I couldn’t see it happening…. but these last few days has shown me THAT GOD is GOD… and what he says will happen….. IS happening. I never in a million years thought that I would (((((??????????)))))… never thought it would come to this in MY HEART. I talking about MY HEART. If I could come to this in my HEART… in MY HEART.. (((((LACREASE WALKER)))))… then what GOD TOLD ME THAT NIGHT….. HAS TO COME TO PASS. It has too. I’m in the middle of what he told me…. on that day… I could never see THIS DAY back then… that’s why I had a hard time understanding. Well.. understand no more La’Crease… you see for yourself that what God says…. is the TRUTH.

I follow my Raisingurls closely and I am so proud of how they have all turned out. A few of them have children, one is engaged, another is finishing her last year in college. I have one who started her FIRST JOB yesterday. I have one who has 3 boys, but they are all by the same man. One is a manager of KFC. I can go on and on… but I’ll let you see my babies for yourself in my next post!!


Be Blessed!

A Situation/My Birthday…….. (((((BLOG)))))

virgo take



Have you ever just sat and thought about a situation that you FOUND yourself in… and you just look at that person totally different? You just feel some type of way about them? 


In other news……its VIRGO season and my Birthday is next Wednesday. I’ll be 47…   I may even have a drink. Sounds good.


I saw my boo today. Made me smile.


On my way to bed…. I have a long day tomorrow. 


Be Blessed