One of my favorite Students * I love kids*

1216855446-hr-1382Today was a silent day. My BFF can always tell when something is going on with me. Sometimes it makes me sick.(LOL) I get quiet and she knows it. More on that in my next blog entry.

I knew that when I went to work this morning the students would make me feel better. Its a trip that I prayed for a gurl when Nesha was born. I’m finding out that my bond is closer with the boys. They don’t have attitudes, they play too much, and will try you, but for the most part…. I think I’ve been sleeping on them.

I have never in my life seen so many gurls with attitudes… for NO reason. But I study them, I found out that gurls go through a lot. We are very emotional, and we think about stuff way too much. Boys let it go through their minds and its over. Imma have to talk to GOD about that. LOL Here I am still thinking about an email almost a week ago, and the person who sent it, probably aint thought no more about it. LOL Its funny, but its not. I need to find out why we’re like this.

I remember being 14 and thinking about boys all day long. I couldn’t sleep too busy thinking about boys. And trust me, they do the same thing, as soon as the bell ring, they are somewhere looking for their gurlfriends and HER friends to play in the hall way. I’m learning with kids though, that they are doing exactly what they’re suppose to do…. PLAY and learn from their experiences.

This one boy, he’s just like me…. let people get under his skin. I’m better with it because I’m older and have more experience with dealing. I see myself in him so much its crazy. What amazes me is that people LOOK for opportunities to get under our skin. Seems as if they wake up to find people *like us* to irritate. But as soon as we SNAP….THEY’RE DONE WITH US!!! And you know what’s a trip? I have been in SO many situations where I’d find myself in, and I have to end up praying myself out of TURNING INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK! I was standing in line one day, and the lady at the register was taking so long, with decided which things she wanted, she was with her friend who was so embarrassed, she left and went to sit in the car. This lady took so long, didn’t care about how long the line was. I was seconds from turning into the HULK. And when I get like this * not too often* I have to walk around in my little square, and think about PEACEFUL things like……. Flowers.. roses, water, rain, trees, clouds, God/Jesus, bathtub, rivers, and grass to keep me from turning into a green monster. My legs get to moving side to side, and my eyes probably turn GOLD. LOL I get hot, and if my mind wander from those things I name…. I can feel the ROAR in me when the HULK wants to rise. The best thing is…. I can hear God so clearly saying, Lacrease you can do it, just be calm, stay focus, don’t embarrass me, relax, its okay. So, I know what this boy is going through. He doesn’t know how to find a medium in how to react. I told him today…. its still a struggle for me… and I’m 46. He was shocked when I told him I still struggle. He’s a serious person just like me, and the people who love to play, love to get an reaction out of us, will be the ones to push our buttons. We had a good long talk today. I think he’s one of my favorites. 🙂

What hurts me the most is seeing those young gurls who are going through something. This one gurl walks the hall so slow, and with something heavy on her heart. I can tell when she looks at me that something is going on with her at home. I can feel it. I went to her and introduced myself and said to her… if you ever want to talk to me, you can.. my name is Ms. Walker and what ever we talk about is between me and you. I saw her today and my heart smiled. There is so much molestation and rape going on with these kids… it pisses me off. I know the spirit. Then some come to school and be as tough as they wanna be, then there are those who suffer in silence…. gotta leave this topic alone.:(

Next week is Spring Break… YES!!!! I’m going to the movies this weekend with my friends, and next week… I will be writing and catching up on personal things.

Be Blessed!

Peace is MY CHOICE OF PERFUME…. *Crees Blog*

Today was a good day at work. Yesterday my ZM *manager over MY manager* asked me would I like to work the Children’s Fathers Day Table where kids can sit down and make Fathers Day Cards for their dad. She knows how much I love working with them. So, I gladly accepted. I was so excited about doing this project because when I leave Walmart kids are the ones I want to work with. We had a ball today. We had some many children to make cards. We had markers, glitter, colored pencils, sticky stars, glue sticks, and other things to make cards with. They really enjoyed themselves. Parents were asking us, how do you all have the patience for this? When God gives you this gift to work with kids, it doesn’t bother you. Its so natural for me. Kids bring joy to my heart, they make me laugh, they are so funny. Look,…….. this little boy * black* he says to me…. you’re the boss? I said No, he said why you aint doing nothing? LOL LOL It was so funny. LOL LOL Those 4 1/2 hours went so fast. I can work with kids any day.

After the story I wrote a few days ago about speaking to my coworker . Yesterday when I walked into the building as I was about to make my *Hello* rounds. I went to her first and said Hello and she smiled and spoke…. I was happy that maybe she got what I was saying to her after we had a run in. Just so happen, we had to work near each other, and she OPENED UP. She was just chatting with me, I was really surprised and so happy that she *got it*. If we all got along just for the hours we’re at work, our days would be so much easier. I CANNOT deal with having a run in with a co worker who I see everyday 5 times a week. We work with the public, how is it that we can’t speak, communicate and compliment each other, we don’t work with each other directly…..we work with the customers? When I walk into the building…. I BRING PEACE… WHICH IS MY CHOICE OF PERFUME. And I wear it well…. PRAISE GOD.

I have 3 days off in a row and it starts NOW!!!! I will be spending time putting some touches on my LIFE!!! EXCITED!!!

Take delight in the Lord,

and he will give you your heart’s desires. – Psalm 37:4

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Cree’s Blog…….God-given gifts

I went back to work today since being off March 12, I had a great time in Atlanta with Neisha, but I was also so happy to see my co-workers. I LOVE my co-workers, I have never had a problem with anyone, and that’s what make my job that much easier. If I can get past the customers then I’m GOOD 🙂 LOL They were so HAPPY to see me, giving me lots of hugs and welcome backs……that just made my day. I hate attention…. but when I walked into the building LOVE WAS BEFORE ME…..and it made me feel so good. I just LOVE my Boss, we had a lot to talk about, she’s a Christian too, and we speak God’s language. She was happy to see me. My other Boss is also good people, and every month about 6-7 of us get together and go to a different restaurant to chat and have dinner, well at our last meeting, they all decided to wait until I got back from Georgia to have our gurls day.((((hugs to them))))) So tomorrow we’re going to dinner about 5 pm in Downtown Detroit. I’m excited to be with them again.

This is what I LOVE about my Bosses…… we can go to dinner, go out of town, go to a Barbecue, go out to a gathering, and still the NEXT DAY AT WORK….there is NO favoritism. My Bosses will still put me/us on a register that we don’t like LOL LOL LOL ….. AND I LOVE THAT ABOUT THEM…. At work its BUSINESS, and outside of work…. its play. My Bosses keep it real, 100% ALL OF THE TIME…. I’m older than them all, and I still call them Ms.( name).

Earlier today I was just sitting here thinking about how my Raisingurls from the first Season are doing. I see many of them and they have graduated from High School, in College and a few have children now. They still call me for advice, and today my niece came over, she has a job now, and she was telling me that my group has helped her out so much as far as working with the public, her attitude, and how to be a young lady at all times. She gave me a big hug and it really touched me. Sometimes I felt it went in one ear and out of another * while in the sessions*, but today she could have told me everything I said. It amazed me how much she remembered and how she uses those tools I taught in her life today. When I was in Atlanta looking at apartments, the school bus came up in the gated community and dropped the children off, and when I saw all of those kids getting off the bus, I was saying to Neisha ….. ALL OF THESE KIDS ARE GOING TO KNOW ME!!! LOL LOL My eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree. I was so happy to see that kids live in the community. I love kids, and I have even thought about adopting 1 or 2 of them. When I was there, I went to see The Covenant house of Georgia and took photos. I hope to work there someday, or even 2 other Foundations… as long as I’m working with kids. Out of all the things I can do or learn to do in this life, especially with my personality…. God has called me to do this work . This is my calling. I am reading this book, and this is what it says: God-given gifts are the skills a person performs without formal training. Although training and education may help to perfect our skills, they are readily recognized prior to the training.


When I get to Atlanta…..there is NO stopping me….


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

“got me messed up”

Yesterday was one of those days…………I thought the customers were going to push cree over tha edge. LOL


I don’t understand people sometimes, I’m trying to figure out how can you clown on a cashier because your bad azz son or daughter wont do what  YOU say? Don’t try to take it out on me because THISGURLCREEAINTHAVINGIT!! No way!!! Yesterday this boy he had to be about 8 or 9 years old * white* acting a dayum fool on his momma in MY line. She was trying to unload the cart, and he kept pushing it the opposite way, and for a minute she didn’t realize he was doing it. I mean you can see him clearly doing it, but it was something where you were like “dang is he making this cart go another way”. So once we both realized she started saying ” LET THE CART GO”!!! “LET THECART GO”! He was looking mean and saying NO, it looked as if he was mad because she told him no about getting something, and he wanted her and the  cart to go back to what he wanted. This little boy would not stop. I stopped and looked at him SO MEAN, AND SO SCARY, you would have thought he was MY son. I made this noise so he could look at me, and when he finally did, my facial expression scared the next 10 years outta him. ( ROFL). His momma never looked up ( good). He stopped what he was doing too. So, I guess she was mad, and when it came time for her to pay, she had kinda like a attitude, and now I’m looking at her like ” Ohnickayougotmemessedup” if you think you’re gonna make me pay for HIS BAD ASS BEHAVIOUR.  She picked up on my facial expression and body language ……LIKE A FAST LEARNER. I raised my child, if you let your child do what the hell they want to do, say what they hell they want, act like the hell they want, …….I CANT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, but I be DAYUM, if you mistreat me because you’re being mistreated. I’m not paying for NOTHING, these bad ass kids are doing to THEIR parents. Then the parents look at me, like I stole their lunch money.


The truth is… I Love kids. I enjoy talking to them and going to their world. When kids  are in my line with their parents, I’m always talking to them about school, what they want to  do when they graduate. I talk to them about the things they like to do with their friends. They are a magnet to me and I enjoy being in their presence. I’m the one who rides down the street totally ignore the parents and wave at the kids. LOL I think that if adults talk to kids more and treat them like they are people even though they’re young, they will grow up to respect us more.


My niece is 15 and she wants a tattoo very badly. My sister told her that when she turns 18 that she was grown and she could do it if she wants. My niece keeps asking “what’s the difference when I graduate at 17 in June, but turn 18 in Nov”? She told her that she would consider her grown. No matter what answer my sister give my niece, its not good enough. And I asked my sister, why do you keep HOLDING this conversation with her, when you already told her how you feel? I said when you keep going over a situation with a child, rather they understand or not, they will CONTINUE TO talk about it, because they feel its HOPE somewhere down the line.That is crazy to me. We can talk about it for a minute or 2 but my answer is still NOT UNTIL you turn 18. Parents stop negotiating with these kids. You are the “manager”, you are the BOSS. They will have their time soon enough to be in charge and if you don’t train them well, you will find yourself MAKING DISCISIONS FOR THEM.