Determined to tell his lil story *LOL*………. From the Desk of Cree

You know…. when you’re going through something, or when you’re learning to be a more humble person, you learn more because you’re in a quiet state of mind. You see who your friends are, you see people, things and situations in a whole new light. Something you wouldn’t have ever learned had you been theContinue reading “Determined to tell his lil story *LOL*………. From the Desk of Cree”

I like him……….From the desk of Cree

  When I saw him today, first thing came to my mind was…yes perfecting timing He’s so handsome.. not only that.. but he’s a MAN.. a REAL MAN I love a man who works with his hands. Ah, its so sexy to me I love his sexy voice, the way he walks, and pay attentionContinue reading “I like him……….From the desk of Cree”

Rants, Vents, and Ramblings Crees Blog Entry

Hey,   I guess this would be a blog of my rants and rambling.   So Beyonce tweeted and posted on her FB page the remix Kanye did….. Drunk In Love. Its so beyond pitiful, that it makes me question the sanity of these people. Who are these people around everyday? Where are the friendsContinue reading “Rants, Vents, and Ramblings Crees Blog Entry”

The man in the elevator………………Crees Blog Entry

I went to CVS get some cold medicine. As I was walking from the parking lot this guy was behind me. I didn’t turn around because it was cold and I was trying to get in the building. As we walked in together, I never looked back at him, I got on the elevator withContinue reading “The man in the elevator………………Crees Blog Entry”

I remember * in my 20’s* Cree’s Blog Entry

I remember standing in the kitchen washing dishes, fed up with the friends I had in my life at that time. I said out loud to God. I want one BFF. He said I’m your BFF… I said I know, but I’m talking about “down here”. Still years later, I felt as if I hurtContinue reading “I remember * in my 20’s* Cree’s Blog Entry”