Determined to tell his lil story *LOL*………. From the Desk of Cree


You know…. when you’re going through something, or when you’re learning to be a more humble person, you learn more because you’re in a quiet state of mind. You see who your friends are, you see people, things and situations in a whole new light. Something you wouldn’t have ever learned had you been the same person you were before you started going though. Its really funny to me.


We have 24 hour security in my building, and one of the guys who use to work the afternoon shift use to always ask me “what’s in your bag”. “where are you coming from” or “what are you cooking today”? It was always in good spirits and a friendly tone of voice. Well he moved out of the building on Monday. I had just pulled out of the parking lot and he did too. I didn’t notice him, but he did me. So when we got to the light (( he was in front of me)) he put his car in park, got out and started walking up to my car. I’m looking at him like.. OMG.. this guy about to do something to me!!!! When I finally recognized his face, he reached in the car and gave me the sweetest hug and chat. He said I moved out of the building today, but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You have really been sweet to me, and I wanted you to know. In my mind I’m like… dang what I do? Eventually I thought about a few times when he knocked on my door and needed a few dollars, meals that I made him while he sat at the desk for hours sometimes doing doubles. Wow, it goes to show you, that what you do people really do appreciate it, and they really go out of their way to let you know. I must admit, he was starting to get spoiled… had to pull back on the meals… you know MEN WILL TRY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR COOKING.. LOL LOL Just playing. But it was sad seeing him leave. May God Bless Him.


All this week and last week, in my building they’ve been testing our fire system. They put up notes on each floor by the elevator so that we can know. Well since we’ve been hearing them all last week, and several times this week. WHY DID WE REALLY HAVE A FIRE YESTERDAY AND WHEN I HEARD THE ALARM, I WAS LAYING ON THE COUCH AND IGNORED IT? LOL LOL Then I heard a knock on the door saying that it wasn’t a DRILL it was for real. Man… I got my chubby but up so fast and grabbed my coat, purse and keys and was getting it down those stairs. LOL I heard those fire trucks… baaaaby I was out this building!!!


I’m very silly, so stuff doesn’t bother me as much as it does the next person. But I can’t stand people who LOVE attention. If you keep up with my blogs, I shared a story about this older nice looking black man who lives here. He loves to tell stories about how he use to be, and the women and business he had. He love talking about all the money had made. And if I’m around.. I make sure I don’t give him any eye contact, because he seems to HAVE EVERYONE LISTENING TO HIM….EVERYTIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH, HE HAS TO BE LOOKING AT ME, TO SEE MY FACIAL EXPRESSION AND TO SEE IF HE HAS MY ATTENTION. I REFUSE TO GIVE HIM MY ENERGY. So, as soon as I got to the EXIT door outside, there was HIM and all his “friends” in wheel chairs, standing, sitting, and he’s telling them how his apartment was the one that caught fire because he was cooking some beans when he decided to go up stairs and check on his friend. He wanted me to look at him SO BAD. I WOULD ‘NT LOOK HIS WAY. All his friends were in a circle.. like he’s Jesus of Nazareth. I went in my purse grab my car keys and went to the car until it was time to go in the building. LOL LOL #boybye


LOL LOL LOL LOL Later on after I went to run some errands and was in for the night. Didn’t I get in the elevator with ONLY HIM to go to my apartment? LOL LOL He was DETERMINED to tell me that it was him that burned UP his apartment. I didn’t have a choice but to listen.. He finally got his lil story out ***rolls eyes***

All I could do was LAUGH when I got out. I guess that was God’s way of saying ” Cree stop being so mean to him”. LOL


Be Blessed!!!


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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