My Thoughts On The #Oscars/BLOG


For the last few years I have come to enjoy the Oscars. I don’t watch it just to see people of color, but I watch it to see great movies win awards. When I was a young gurl, my  parents would take us to the movies every weekend! Story telling in movies go hand in hand with the love I have for reading, and writing.


When Jada Pinkett- Smith asked for people of color to boycott the Oscars, I thought to myself is that because her husband wasn’t nominated for his role in Concussion? I found that funny because, had he been nominated or even won, she would have never went publicly with her video. Ever since I saw him in Ali on Christmas Day, I felt that the only movie of his I would ever see again would be Bad Boys, Independence Day, or movies that has to do with the survival of others. I’m just not feeling his work anymore.


But here is MY thing. Will and Jada sit among these people, have dinner, and let it be known… who their best friends are. Where is your influence? My ONLY job concerning this is to go in my purse and pull out money to see the work. This is how their pockets are lined… from the money that I and other like minded people give. Now, do I mind standing with others to make changes in life where it is due? NOPE… But I’m not going to do anything extra when Will and Jada laugh, haha and hehe, with these same people they can’t seem to influence. They’re only mad because their friends, people they sit around are winning awards for their work, and they now feel some kinda way, because they arent looked at in the same light. Instead of them making movies and enjoying their own work, they want pats on the back for it. Noooo, you won’t always get that. Be happy and proud of YOUR OWN work, stop waiting for these OSCAR FOLKS to pass out your AMEN.


Stop running and sitting with these people who look at you side ways. They walk right up pass your seat, and pick up their Oscars. That’s not my problem… that’s yours. Stop running up behind them thinking you and your husband is on the same level.. because as you see, you’re not. Now let me say this. Are your Hollywood friends the one in charge of the voting. NO… I KNOW THAT. But stop showing them that you are upset because you’re not getting your fair share, and they are. Be mad at how the voting goes. Use your influence! Don’t just sit among the rich and famous, but make what you feel is wrong…. right! I’ve done my part, and that’s go see the movies opening weekend. I’m done, my legs are crossed and comfy! You do the FOOT WORK!

I AM La’Crease and I don’t have to do anything else!

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