Your purpose in life!

There is something that God is calling you to do. You know it. You’ve always known it. You may not know exactly what it is, or what shape it will ultimately take, but it is unique to you and it is why you were put here on this earth. I don’t think this passion is just handed to us like a gift. I think it is revealed in us over time like an excavation. Everything extra gets chiseled away.   Finding your passion is the singe most important ingredient for changing your world. It’s like yeast in bread–without it you will have flat, hard dough. Uncovering God’s purpose in your life and following it will lead you to the greatest satisfaction there is. When we work out of our God-given passion, we get tired, but not weary. We need rest, but not a change.   Nicole Johnson, Fresh-Brewed Life    


I often ask God what am I here to do? Seems as if I know what it is, but some how I am not motivated to get there. I ask myself ……..Lacrease what is it that you like and want to do in life, what is your passion? What do you believe God is leading you to do?   When I think about that questions, seems like the older I get the easier it is to answer. I love working with older people, helping them, talking to them, listening to them. I also love teens talking to them, and asking them questions to prepare them for adult hood. I would like to counselor them, get them support. Then I think about the homeless people, I want to help them, to get them on their feet. Then I think about me being a peacekeeper some kinda way. Someone who mediates.  Im not sure what I want to do in life, but looking at my pattern, I love people.  I enjoy  talking to people, I enjoy listening. I am a true friend.


I guess one day  soon God will reveal tome what he wants me to do, and when. I m waiting. I am yours Lord.    


 Well, I am going to do some hotel, car, and airplane research. Im excited about going to ATL in July. I pray that we meet Tyler Perry while we are there. That would be a dream come true for real. Well talk to you later.  



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