Lacrease\’s Thoughts! Help me!


Its a new year!! And the first thing I need to do is learn how to deal with adults.

When I get to my register, the first thing I say to my self is………..Lacrease be humble. Learn to think before you speak, hold back on the sarcasm and just let things roll off your back. Then I pray and promise God that I will just be good. I\’m always in a cheerful mood. I would say 97% of the time. And I swear people sense it and want to knock me out my square. I ask myself over and over and over again, how do you let these people take you down the same \”street\” day after day after day? And the answer is…………..I just don\’t know.

When I get home and think about my day, I realize that the smallest things irritates me. When it comes to kids, and other folks, I will come around put their bags in their carts, have patience with them when they take a long time digging in their purse or pockets. Then here come the people from my age group. They act like they aint never worked a credit card in their lives. This one lady came through my line and said \”do I press English or Spanish\’? I said If you speak Spanish press Spanish. She laughed a little bit and press English. DUMMY!

Yall please pray for me. I went down to part time, and that\’s the best thing I could do for myself, and as long as I know I don\’t have to work a long day, I can get through the day.


This man came through my line Sunday with 1000 items in the 12 items or less lane. I said sir ( black man) this line is for people with 12 items or less. He gon say…….please just ring me up ( as if to say shut up) so I start ringing steady talking my talk. Then here comes his wife outta know where ( still don\’t know where she came from) looking at me like you arguing with my husssssband. So I looks at her, so she says to her husband \”whats going on baby\”. I said this line is for 12 items or less, people are waiting behind you. Then she gon say well, I do 12 and he\’ll do 12. So by then my face is telling a story like all I want to do is hurry up and get them outta my lane!! So I says just put them all up here, and I\’ll ring them at the same time. ( saying to myself….. Since yall aint getting out the line). So she says to her husband…….aint nobody gon disrespect me in front of my kids. So I looked at her, she looked at me. He call himself trying to calm her down. I\’m saying to myself, gurl ………………I will beat you like a drum……………..and it will be for ALL the customers who got on my nerves!! So as they are leaving she gives me this one real real real mean look for the rode……….I guess ( lol). And I look at her back, (SEE PHOTO ABOVE) Then she says ( while walking and talking ) NEXT TIME DONT DISRESPECT MY HUSBAND WITH YOUR WALMART WORKING A**.

Ok stop right there!

Now she know and I know that she was talking to my Walmart smock/jacket. There is no wayyyyyyyy she would have said that to me, if I wasn\’t working. No way!!!!!!! When you are working people will say anything to you, because they know that you will think twice before you go off on them. She knows Im under submission! She knows it!

I went off. I couldn\’t shut up. We went head up. And thank goodness my manager wasn\’t around, even though I didn\’t curse.

So now 360. I need you to be completely honest with me. How do I get through this? I pray and all, and no matter what, a customer seem to have sooooooooo much power over me. All I want to do is have a smooth day at work, things in my life is so good, but as soon as I get to work………………people knock me out of my square, and I don\’t know what to do anymore. I will be 40 this year, and folks think Im in my 20\’s or early 30\’s. You can\’t win for losing. No matter how fair I try to be and how honest, people dont want you telling them the truth. They want to do things their way. And that dont sit right with me. Im a person who likes to follow the rules. I like to look out for the next person. I cant stand me, me, me, me, me people. Do I care to deeply? Do I take it to far? Whattttttttt tell me!

How do you get over this. Any advice? Please help me. Please.


6 Replies to “Lacrease\’s Thoughts! Help me!”

  1. Wow my daughter was telling me one time I was complaining about her working at a pet store to get a job at Walmart. My daughter was like no way the customers at Wallmart got some bad attitudes and I might go off on them. At first I was like…….Yeah right……lol but after going there several times I know what u mean and I dont work there. I know u all got to go by that old ass policy that the customer is always right but I have to admit I dont envy u at all. Maybe it’s time for a new job. A new career even. I don’t know how u do it. I do home health and some of the people can be just as cantankerous and ornery as ever but I deal with it because some times I’m just feeling in for someone else and I set it in my mine that I don’t have to deal with this person everyday, it’s just temporary. So therefore I get by with little stress with that in mind. Maybe that’s what u need to do till u can do better. Place it in ur mind that there goes another ignorant mofo in my lane and soon they will be gone and on to the next one. Don’t let them get u down, just stand strong and pray as u have been doing and look for a better more enjoyable job out there. Girlllllllll u say ur almost 40 well I’ve been dealing with patients and cleints that have been disoreintated, confused, handicap, disables, alzeheimers, mentally retarded, down syndrome, ms, combative, suicidal, homicidal and just plan ole crazy. Some days I hat it and some days not. I pray too and I’ve changed jobs several times. I like working for the county (wink wink) it pays good and not as stressful but I’m at the point in my life where I feel a need for CHANGE. So I’m going back to school for anything enjoyable in the computer field and finding a new me. Good luck on whatever u do. I’ve met several other Wallmart workers and they all seem to complain about the place and some of the bs u all have to take. I’mma pray for u.


  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOO thank you so much for your comment. I was thinking too that maybe its time for me to find a job that I love!!!!!!! I love working with kids and other folks, because I EXPECT for the older folks to be the way they are. I EXPECT for kids to talk smart and do whateva they do. But the people my age, I feel they should be together. They are at their prime and they should know more. They are the ignantist people you can everrrrrr run into. I dont think Im going to be here too much longer. Im for real. I loooooooooooove my coworkers they have kept me here so long, but the customers work my nerves gurl! LOL



  3. LaCrease, stay strong I had to deal with what you deal with atr Wal-Mart. My sister works at Wal-Mart and she has a bad attitude of her own so I can imagine what you go thru. But what I was saying was dealing with the same situation but only with me it was not so much of the customers it was my damn co-workers. And I had to do what miss red stated just say to yourself I dont have to deal with them everyday and they will be gone soon this is temporary. But the problem is I did have to see them everday and I learn how to not speak until spoken to and just say whatever it is that I need to say and whatever happens happens. I just do whaty I NEED to do and get the hell on about my business. So the next time somebodys crosses you do what my sister taught me just say ti them: “You Got It” and just smile and say Have a Good day and ignore them and and go to the next customer and let the heathens talk to themselves. Love you girl and I will pray for you tonight.
    San T


  4. you are being tested…your faith and the word of GOD in you is on trial…never let em see you sweat, because you already have the victory…the power of words…you have to speak peace into your life…statements like “you can’t win for losing”, extract that from your vocabulary, as long as you speak it, you’ll believe it; as long as you believe it, you’ll ‘see’ it; and as long as you see it, you’ll be it…so you choose, you have the power to decide what you wanna be…and once you do, it’ll be like water rolling off a ducks back…i’ve done this for a year, and GOD knows, it’s the truth…we must be careful what we speak…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…be encouraged, you are who you are, you are where you are for purpose, to prove thee, to humble thee, to know what’s in your heart (deutoronomy 8:2)…choose to live…i can tell you are beautiful inside and out…allow GOD to use you…let him speak through you…be blessed…and i pray that no weapon formed against you shall prosper…the enemy must flee, and return what he has stolen 7-fold…again, be blessed…


  5. I work for tj maxx so i hear your pain my motto is “I don’t let anyone keep my from making my money” at the end of the day I will be paid.


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