Who am I?

     Today was a good day! Praise God.
When Im working so many things run through my mind, I just wish that I could stop what Im doing to write down all my thoughts. Some are funny, but most are true to life.
I know when I mention my customers its always something they do to irrate me. But today Im going to focus on the funny side of them. Today this lady was in my line taking forever to write her check, she was fiddling in her purse, just not having no sense of the fact that there are about 14 customers in MY line waiting to get rung up behind her. So after so long, I had to look back at the others to see what their facial expression was like. OMG! Those people had faces of stone! They were so mad at this lady. And me being the silly person I am, I bust out laughing. I couldn\’t help it. It was so hilarious. This lady was an older woman too. But the lady behind her was even older……………..like in her late 60\’s. She kept looking at me as if to say……….dang what is the hold up.???So I hunched my shoulders as if to say, \”Im sorry maam\”. So she looked at the woman from the back and made this loud HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH noise. I thought I was going to pass out! It was so funny!
Any hoo……….. These last couple of days I have been seeing guys that I use to date or liked. This guy came through my line (I was looking cute too)
and I was like okay dang, dont I know you? And he was like yeah Dial Fincher,( my first cousin)  Michelle Harris,( one of my best friends since  we were 6 years old)  Lacrease, and I was like yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha. Whats your name? He said James Arnold! I went crazy. Whewwwwwww he was looking good too. I went to Elementary with this cat. But he\’s a  BIG DOG now…………..babay! lolllll He had his son with him, but he also had on a wedding band. So umm your gurl Crease dont do the married thing, But he kept saying I know where you are now. I know where you are. His mom is doing good. I remember her too.
Then…….. my love came into the store. The only man I really love in this world outside my family to this day. I love Neisha\’s dad but I love this man more. I wont say his name. But dont you know when I got home, his name and number was sitting on my desk for me to call. I was still at work. I smiled.
Tonight I was talking to one of my friends over the phone for what seem like 40 days. And after wards I was sitting here thinking about how people can drain you with their negative vibes. If you are seriously dealing with someone who has a spirit of UGH, they can drain you. And don\’t let that person be in the flesh, AGHHHHH that could really rub off on you.
Some people feel that whenever they are going through, that you are supposed to yield to everything in your life and cater to them. You can be with your friend for 3 days straight while they are going through, return home to take care of your own home front, and that same friend will \”act funny\” cause you didn\’t pack up your house and stay with them until \”they\” got over it. I know I have been there. I don\’t operate like that. I am a woman who knows what God can do if you call out on him. Im not going to \”baby a friend\” cause she wants to hold on, challenge, \”fix\” and \”work on\” a situation that has God\’s name on it, cause she dont want to give it to him. Im sorry but Lacrease gives all her problems to God. I dont hold on to them, and I don\’t have pity parities. Now I will cry for you and with you if you lose your dog, if your cat is sick, if your car is down, but big things, unlacreaseable things…………………..I dont touch. And I expect you not to call yourself dissing me or distance yourself from me either because I am not your Hostess in your pity party boo.. Cause when I get fed up, and I will forget you like you were never born.
Tonight I bought My number #! Gospel Artist, Karen Clark-Sheard CD. Its nice too. I have to listen to it tomorrow when I get a chance. This weekend Im going to the movies to see When A Stranger Calls. I cant stand scary movies, but Neisha wants to see it. Then again I may go see something else while her and her cousins go to see that movie.
Well, its time for me to start on another project. I dont know what\’s next. I need to get started on this Teen\’s Group Session I want to do this summer. I just need to get my head right and focus on me. Lacrease!
I find myself so preoccupied with others and whats going on with them. But you know one day, its going to be about Lacrease. I am going to have the  husband, the step kids, the Lawyer daughter, the brand new truck I want, the beautiful house with the 5 plus bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I want my husband to be so in love with God that he puts me on hold …………………..okay! ( In a funny way) I want to quit my job at Walmart so bad and work with Teens. Thats who I am. There is so much going on inside their heads, and I want to be the one who cracks their skulls (with love) to find out what\’s really going on.OKAY??? You may say Im asking too much, and I know problems go along with this \”dream\”, but we have a Father who is rich and is able to fill my heart with my desires. I know he will, IF it lines up with his will. And if it does. Ill take it!
Good night my good people!
\”I am happy and content because I think I am \”~~ Alain Rene Lesage
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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