Entry for February 12, 2006

Hey whats up?


 You know Im sitting here thinking about people and how we are sometimes. Last night at work. This lady came through my line ( blk) it was so crowded OMG I thought 10:30 wasnt never going to come. Well, she was putting her things up on the belt, when she all of a sudden ask me \” Do yall take American Express Travelers Checks\” I was like huh cause I didnt hear her. She got real loud and real real real real mean and said YEAHA YALL DO, NEVER MIND I DONT FEEL LIKE REPEATING MYSELF, YALL TAKE EM YALL TAKE EM NEVER MIND KEEP RINGING!!!!!. So I looked ……………I was outdone  how she was talking and acting towards ME. So as Im ringing her up, Im saying to myself. Do I know this heffa? I mean did I make her mad one day and she remembered and I don\’t. Cause there was no reason at all for her to go off on me like that, unless she knew me. So once I went back and forth in my mind figuring out what the heck she said. I said oh yeah we take those. She was like EXCUSE ME HUHHHH? I looked at her ghetto azz and was like ( TO MY SELF) ……… Lacrease dont say nothing to this ignant azz ghetto chicken ninny. So once I got myself together cause customers was looking at me like danggggggggggg she went off on that cashier. I had to regroup. Then she asked me for my pen so that she can fill out the check. That heffa lucky it was sitting on the register, cause I was going to say………….I DONT HAVE ONE !


So Im ringing her up, she trying to talk all nice. Im looking like dont say nothing to me at all. Then she turns around and begin talking to these 2 ladies who was her daughters who are grown  in line watiing to get rung up. Then guess who appears before I was even finish with the lady? My relieve person!  It was time for my lunch. Thank God! I was so happy to see her it didnt make no sense. I did not want to ring up her ghetto looking daughters!


My point is this? Its funny how she treated me and if she was to go right outside, get in her car start in up and it catch fire. If I was outside on my break and saw it all. I would be crying more than her kids. I would be on my cell phone calling the EMS, FIRE DEPARTMENT,  POLICE, MANGERS and everybody else. I am very sensitive  when it comes to people being hurt and abused. Anything that hurts people. She talked to me any kind of way because she knew I was on the clock and was at risk of losing my job. See how people do you?


I would forget allllllllllll that mess she was talking in the store, and be focused on her life. Helping her Sometimes I wish that I didnt feel that way. Sometimes I wish that I could jsut be mean and be like yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha WITCH thats what you get! Naw run tell dat! But its no way I can be like that in my heart. No part of me would feel that way. No No No! Im about  leading people to Christ. She could never do anything to me as far as mentally to make me want to see her lay down there and die.

So think about the next time you talk to someone any kind of way. Think about that person may be the one who have to call 911 to save your life. Will they call? Or will they fake it? Which are you?



Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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