Entry for February 18, 2006

Hey Yall,
          Today was a cool day. I was supposed to go to work at 4 but end up going at 7. I didn\’t feel like going and being bothered with those folks today. But when I finally went, time went so fast it didn\’t make no sense. Next thing Crease knew it was break time. See that\’s what I\’m talking about.
Came home, and my sister peedie came over to pick up some banana pudding and took it to my dad\’s house. She was telling me and my momma that she let my nephews go to the movies with their cousins. Its freezing cold outside its 8 degrees probably less than that. They got dropped off at their cousins, but caught the bus from there. She was waiting on them to call her so that she can pick them up from the cousins house. She said she started to follow her first mind and just take them and pick them up. But they wanted to ride the bus. My thang is this: Its so dayum cold outside, I didn\’t want to get out of my car to come in the house. And when I turned the key, I got mad cause it didn\’t open fast enough. So I know those kids was froze at that bus stop. Greg is 15 and Gary is 12. I dont care if they had on 5 hats, 6 pairs of socks, 4 coats, and 9 pair of pants. Its cold as hell out there.
She started having regrets of letting them go once she really realize how cold it was. They had cell phones on them, but they didn\’t call not once to say……..\”pick a son up ma\”. Me and my sister started talking about raising boys and raising gurls. She feels that its harder to raise boys than gurls, because of the gangs, and the clothes, the pressure to keep up. When it comes to making decisions about her kids, sometimes I don\’t feel as through she makes them wisely. But then we get into real real real real real bad debates about it. What I learned about my sister is, she raised her kids different from the way I raised my one child. She feels that its okay to let kids know why this and that. I don\’t. I feel that if I say \”No……. that means no.\” Maybe I will give you an explanation, maybe the hell I wont. And if Im telling you something you don\’t want to hear, there wont be any \”after talk.\” To me the conversation has ended. And if you say something after I say \”shut up\” your face will be swollen in 1 minute.
Growing up at home my sister was the baby out of 4. She\’s the kind of person who has to go through things to see what\’s really right. I don\’t. You can tell me one time, and that\’s it. I get the hint. She likes the chances. She likes to see \”what happens.\” So now that her son is 15 he does her the same way. And she hates it!!!! She understands it tho, while Im standing there looking like………… dayummmmmmmm didn\’t she say shut up?
Now all that is cool with me if she raises her kids that way. I don\’t neverrrrrrr have anything to say about how a person raise their child. And I learned that through her. I had to take a step back when it comes to that. Because when you get into going back and forth with situations and kids, you can make the parent/sister/friend/cousin/coworker not even talk to you about things concerning THEIR kids anymore. You will hear everything through the \”grapevine\” about your nieces or nephews. I learned that my sister will shut down on me and talk about everything but her kids just to keep me out of the conversation if I get to cocky about her kids. Tonight while we were talking about HER kids, I can feel myself getting a little more involved in her business with her kids, so I bagged down. Look at it this way, why get into it over hers? I can make a valid point all day, but if Im not reaching her with the words Im using then I need to use wisdom and shut it down. Those are her kids.
The solution to situations like these are to, ask God for wisdom when discussing family situations that really is not your business. But if you want to be apart of the discussion and decision making don\’t make the person upset till they want to hang up on you, or not talk to you for a while. Me and my sister got into it plenty of times over stuff like this. But tonight I held my peace, and everything worked itself out.
Im on my way to bed going to the movies tomorrow.
God Bless
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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