Entry for February 20, 2006

Another day. ………………..

Lately Ive been lying in bed thinking………….okay what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Im not were I want to be, but then I ask myself where do I want to be? What do I need to be doing to be fully happy? For the last few nights I have been watching some very very good B.E.T love, hate, thriller movies. And it really bought out the romantic side of me. Made me want to love again. Real love again. Made my insides burn with passion. But you know real love will find me.

22Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. Proverbs 18:21-23 (King James Version)

Today my coworker came up to me and said that she needed to talk to me. She said that she needed to \”vent\”. So before she even told me what was on her mind. I said look: In order for a relationship to work , being married or having a boyfriend or  gurlfriend THEY MUST have God in their lives. They must have a relationship with him, they need to hear from him. Thats food for the stomach. Marriage, nor relationships will not function without The Lord. Its a proven fact.

After I said that to her, she just smiled at me. ITs funny too because afterwards she didnt tell me what she was going to say. I love my gurl, but she know she can\’t come to me without me having a spiritual word for her.  Im just NOT her.

Im going to see Madea this friday night after work. Im doing a Solo.  Then on Sunday, Im going with my family.


Im closing for now, talk to you all later……….

\”Im 38, and all my life seems like I\’ve been ministering to people about their happiness, but wait a mintue… when The Lord bless me, I mean really bless me, those that know me will know that God is real\”. ~~~~ La\’Crease





2 Replies to “Entry for February 20, 2006”


    I love the Soundtrack & I’m going to see the movie early tomorrow… before my husband goes to work & then later that night to see it with my girls. He doesn’t talk during movies so… I’ll be fine going with him. But, I know there be a lot of people ackin’ crazy & loud. (I’m not looking forward to that noise) That’s why I’m going early with him.

    Whewwwwwwwww chile it’s finally here!

    ~ T


  2. Wow….I feel the same way…lol

    i just got over saying to myself how do I help all these people and can’t seem to get my shyt straight! lol…whats up with that?

    whats ur spiritual word for me sis?

    I love ur last statement…and u r Right…they WILL know! like we do 🙂

    thank G0D i met u even though I havent met u
    u know

    we’re angels that have to deal with being away from our Father temporarily, we are of the flesh…we understand and struggle and have great faith, I need more people like u in my life…thru THIS strength we will be better!! 🙂


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