This is serious!!!!! We need to talk

Stock Photo Of The 911 Emergency Digits And A Cell Phone
Hello Family
Today I was on my way to work driving on the freeway doing about ciddy, ciddy5, 70…………….  When all of a sudden while coming around the bend of the freeway there was this cop car sitting, waiting, for a speeding motorist ( mouse). No matter how fast or slow you were going you couldn’t see homeboy unless you were coming up on him. If you put on  brakes, he would know, thats just how close he seemed to have been on your tail, because once you came around that bend ……. HE WAS RIGHT THERE!
Stock Photo: Busted!
I guess its only human nature to look into your rear view to see if he’s coming to get you. LOL He was so sneaky in his hide out spot, that if he stopped you, all you could do was surrender. So, Im looking in my rearview and here he comes flashing his lights. I mean he was gitnit ! Im like, I know he aint coming for me. Next thing I knew he was pulling over the car two lanes over for me. (hehe)
For some reason I found it challenging and FUNNAAAAAAA wondering who he’s after.. I was cracking up!!!!!!!!!! Not about the fact that maybe he gave that person a ticket, but just for the fact, that I knowwwww everyone was wondering dangggg is he coming for me, is he coming for me????. I was looking in my rearview mirror more than I was watching the rode . LOL
Stock Photo: Having A Bad Day
Which lead me to thinking.
God knew that we need people with authority to govern this world. He knew that we would need police officers to patrol the streets. What if all the policemen and women decide that they’re not going to police the streets any more because of how they are talked about and treated by us ( the citizens)? What if they decided that they didn’t want the drama that comes along with this job, and decide to apply for other jobs? Have you ever thought how would this world be without them? 

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What will you do if someone was breaking into your moms house 20 minutes away, and you knew that you couldn’t call the ‘police”? What would you do if your daughter was calling you from her cell phone, in school, locked in a room hiding and needed the “police” to come help her? What would you do if you came home and saw 6 people robbing your house blind, and since there’s no “police” who you can call on, what would you do?
What if you were at a traffic light and you see the couple in front of you fighting, and the woman is being thrown from the car, what would you do since you cant call the police?
Photo of Man Being Arrested.
I know there’s a lot of police who are crooked. But there are some that are not. They went to police academy to train to save OUR lives. They could have taken regular jobs, just like me and you. So I say all of this to say?
How would your life be different today, if you knew, if killers knew,  if robbers knew, if rapist knew, if crack dealers knew, if drug abusers knew, if thieves knew that there are no more police policing the world anymore as of July 22, 2006?
17Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you. Hebrews 13 (New International Version)
Share you thoughts on this topic.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

5 Replies to “This is serious!!!!! We need to talk”

  1. I have no problem with the police, they are my friends. Just like with regular people, there are good ones and bad ones. I thank God that I don’t live in a city where police corruption is prominent.

    My already good view of the police was increased when I attended an awards luncheon last month and actually saw some officers presented with awards for their heroic efforts.


  2. I always respected the police. I appreciate the work they do and I honestly believe they dont get paid enough for the bull they go thru….


  3. I can’t imagine the world without police. It would be so chaotic that I truly believe the world would be coming to an end. LOL I’ve always had deep respect for them. I attempted at the job 6 years ago but couldn’t pass the physical. Also, my brother is a robo-cop LOL Can’t help but give them much respect for their job of keeping peace and order. For every bad cop there are plenty good ones out there.


  4. I hear about how people hate the police and how they are constantly disrespecting them, and Im like wow, have they ever thought about what this world be without them? Then I thought well maybe they have thought about that, then they would be able to do what they want to do. They would take over the world with all their foolishness.

    What about the fact that people on the rode (im guilty) would drive doing at least 90-100 everyday. Because they know that no one is there to “discipline them”.

    I Thank God for this behind the scenes job. Because this is serious. Bill Gates and all the rich people would be in trooooooooooble!


    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO jo


  5. This is something to think about. However, I’ve never had a problem with the law or obeying it because I seek to make God smile first and foremost. The rest fall in line.

    I rememeber coming home from Houston by myself and I was talkign to my brother on the cell phone and crossing a construction site on a Sunday. I was going a little fast because during that time the serial killer was loose and I wanted to get in before dark. Anywho, I saw the cop and told my brother I was getting a ticket. I stopped before the cop did and he was in awe. I was so polite he said I reminded him of his mom, but he gave me a ticket anyway, LOL. I did not rant and rave, I was not angry or upset. I told him of my fear and he said he understood but I would get home in plenty enough time by doing the speed limit. He was right and I got a grip of myself and told fear to hit the door.

    Truth is service jobs don’t render as much pay as some other professions but they are needed to make everything fall as they should. I appreciate law enforcement as I appreciate every service job. Be blessed.


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